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  • Image Processing , Substraction and Averaging

    May 26, 13 • 5998 Views • Notes3 Comments

    Image processing: It is the operation typically defines a new image g in terms of an  f existing image. We can transform either the range    or the domain of f. Image subtraction: To study this impact of image  processing or subtraction of registered


    May 26, 13 • 1091 Views • Notes6 Comments

    RELIABILITY OF POWER SYSTEMS THE BULK POWER SUPPLY Whenever there comes reliability and security of power system, an important term “THE BULK POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM”  then arises. It comprises of many elaborate, complex interconnection of power

  • Equal area criterion

    May 26, 13 • 5258 Views • Engineering Notes, GeneralNo Comments

     POWER SYSTEM EQUAL AREA CRITERION The stability of a single machine with respect to infinite bu s can be studied by the use of equal area criterion.  On Considering that the  synchronous machine is operating in steady state delivering a power Pe  equal

  • Kinematics-forward and inverse analysis.

    May 26, 13 • 1827 Views • Engineering Notes, Notes2 Comments

    KINEMATICS- forward and inverse analysis Kinematics is thaa branch of mechanics which describes the motion of points , bodies and systems of bodies without considering causes of motion. ð  It deals with trajectories of points, lines and other geometrical

  • Amplitude Modulation

    May 26, 13 • 5833 Views • Engineering Notes, Notes4 Comments

    Amplitude Modulation In Process of amplitude modulation the amplitude of the carrier is varied in proportional to the instantaneous value of the baseband signal with the frequency and phase of the carrier remaining constant. In this Process or  case the

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