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  • Private vehicles only 15 days a month

    Dec 4, 15 • 682 Views • Opinion3 Comments

    Private vehicles will run for only 15 days in delhi Private vehicles only 15 days a month on Delhi road since 1st Jan 2016 , this decision has been taken today by government of Delhi. Although this is matter of group discussion but we would like to throw some

  • register your self as teacher


    Sep 18, 15 • 24606 Views • Opinion91 Comments

    Introduction SC/ST/OBC Reservation or any reservation on basis of caste system can be a matter of regular discussion but here are consequences which you may enjoy . One man behind this reservation was Mr. Babasaheb Ambedkar who brought reservation that

  • Career Options after LLB

    Sep 16, 15 • 129665 Views • Opinion973 Comments

    Introduction Are you looking for a Carrier after LLB. Are you thinking what are the job prospectus you should pursue for after completing graduation in LLB. The present article bring you some of the best carrier options which you might like. Career Options

  • Top coaching of orissa for engineering exams

    Sep 9, 15 • 2191 Views • Opinion4 Comments

    How to crack IIT in Odisha The dream of every student who wish to became an Engineer remain unfulfilled because of lack of proper guidance. If they are motivated and trained with proper guidance they will be successful. So I believe that this article will

  • Reality behind IIT JEE topper Akash Kumar from Patna

    May 4, 15 • 9467 Views • Engineering, General, OpinionNo Comments

    Reality behind IIT JEE topper Akash Kumar from Patna , Mentor classes or Prerna classes Jamshed pur or Are IIT JEE toppers at Patna are for Sale Toppers are for sale , you can just get their name attached to your coaching, All you have to do is to pay a price

  • Indian Administrative Service

    Indian Administrative Service

    Apr 16, 15 • 2149 Views • General, Indian Administrative service, OpinionNo Comments

    The research is all about Indian Administrative Service The Indian Administrative Services (IAS) is most respectable job in India. The IAS officers have name and fame both and glamour also.the IAS officers handle the affairs of both the government central

  • WBJEE Preparation

    Tips to Crack WBJEE Engineering Exam

    Feb 7, 15 • 20790 Views • OpinionNo Comments

    How to prepare for WBJEE Have you done your preparations to appear in the West Bengal Engineering Entrance Exam (WBJEE)…? WBJEE has always being the scariest word for the engineering aspirants. During class 11 and 12, students generally make themselves busy

  • FDI in ecommerce

    Nov 29, 14 • 2726 Views • General, OpinionNo Comments

    FDI in eCommerce FDI in retail in India is good or bad use to be a matter of discussion few days back but with time the topic died and File of FDI in retail sector has been changing government tables with changes some time in Parliament , sometimes in state

  • How to write a Scientific Research Paper

    Oct 14, 14 • 1632 Views • Research PaperNo Comments

    This article tells you about the Research Paper in a short description and the concept of how to write a Scientific Research Paper.  Research Paper:   An Research paper is a stretched exposition that displays your own particular understanding or

  • Why women are paid less salary ?

    Oct 14, 14 • 2461 Views • Opinion, Placement1 Comment

    Why women are paid less salary ? It has been matter of great discussion in recent past , why women are paid less salary? , Women should get more salary or not ? Frame the question the way you want to but fact or crux will remain same “women are paid