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  • Top GRE Coaching Institutes in Delhi

    Feb 5, 17 • 4629 Views • Resources19 Comments

    Top GRE Coaching Institutes in Delhi Graduate Record Examination was introduced in 1949. Graduate Record Examination is a consistent test given by students to get admission in various universities in abroad.  Approximately 600,000 applicants from  more than

  • Placement Criteria for Alstom Ltd

    Jan 29, 17 • 2803 Views • Placement, Resources2 Comments

    Current Openings : Placement Criteria for Alstom Ltd Date posted : 26 May 2013 Software Development Lead Engineer Electrical System Engineer Project Sourcing Manager Project Controlling Coordinator Software Development Lead Engineer:  Placement Criteria for

  • caas institute

    Placement Criteria For Asahi India Glass Ltd.

    Mar 21, 16 • 674 Views • ResourcesNo Comments

    Placement Criteria For Asahi India Glass Ltd. Top 10 Colleges of Journalism in India Asahi India Glass Ltd. AIS is the new and creative face of Asahi India and the name that takes towards the new and creative chapter in our evolution. AIS is being the largest

  • CS Interview Question & Answers

    Feb 17, 16 • 32760 Views • Resources111 Comments

    CS Interview Question Answer embeddoc url=”” viewer=”microsoft” width=”300″ height=”255″ Q1. What do you mean by a File? Ans: A File contains

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    Interview Questions on Microprocessor with Answers and pdf

    Sep 22, 15 • 62190 Views • Resources160 Comments

    Introduction Candidates preparing for any recruitment or interview and have added microprocessor in to their resumes and looking for a good set of interview questions on microprocessor as initial preparation. In this section, we have provided a set of

  • Difference between DBMS and File Management System

    Sep 17, 15 • 70139 Views • Resources18 Comments

    Introduction Following are the questions and answers based on the difference between DBMS and file management system- Ques 1. Define dbms and file management system ? Ans- Database management system (DBMS) is a collection of interrelated data and a set of

  • Types of Switching Techniques

    C++ Interview Questions and Answers with PDF

    Sep 15, 15 • 94587 Views • Resources2 Comments

    Introduction C++ is a programming language that is implemented on a wide variety of operating system platforms and used for hardware design. This language has following features: Compiled, Statically typed,  Multi-paradigm and Free-form. This Language also

  • placement criteria for JVL

    Placement Criteria For JVL Agro Industries Limited

    Jul 7, 15 • 8592 Views • Resources2 Comments

    Placement Criteria For JVL Agro Industries Limited JVL Agro Industries Limited JVL means Jhunjhunwala Vanaspati Limited and it is incorporated in the year 1989 which starts its manufacturing in hydrogenated vegetable oil and refined oils. The production



    Jun 21, 15 • 3142 Views • Resources8 Comments

    SAP CERTIFICATION   Before jumping to SAP Certification let us first know the basics of SAP. SAP INTRODUCTION:- SAP Enterprise Resource Planning system has created many job market for people those who know how to implement and configure SAP systems.SAP AG

  • ELITMUS VERSUS AMCAT which one is better

    May 3, 15 • 25544 Views • Resources6 Comments

    ELITMUS Versus AMCAT Before I answer the question that which is better ELITMUS or AMCAT. It is very important that you know what actually these two are and how they can be helpful to you. Starting with ELITMUS ABOUT ELITMUS:-   Elitmus is an exam