CBSE 10th Science Model Question Paper

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Central Board of Secondary Education is the most reputed self- financing Board of Education that serve quality education to their students across the country for both private and public schools. CBSE conducts board examination every year for class 10th and 12th under All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE). In the present post, I have tried to prepare CBSE 10th Science Model Question Paper for appearing Board students which will help them to check their preparation. The choice of questions are made by taking help from previous year Science 10 Class Sample Paper. For quick revision, you can also take help from Chapterwise Class X Chemistry Formulas and Class X Maths Formulas.

General Instructions:

Science 10 Class Sample Paper

CBSE 10th Science Model Question Paper

(a) This paper has two sections Section A and Section-B.
(b) Question 1-5 from Section A and 21-23 from Section B are very short answer type questions.
(c) Question 6-10 from Section A and 24-25 from Section B are short answer type questions.
(d) Question 11-17 from Section A and 26-29 from Section B are also short answer type questions.
(e) Question 18-20 from Section A and 30 from Section B are long answer type questions.


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1. Why carbon forms strong bonds with other Carbon atoms,Hydrogen,Oxygen,Nitrogen and Sulphur?

2. Name the part of eye responsible for conversion of light into electrical impulses.

3. (a) How does valency vary in a group on going from top to bottom?
(b) How does atomic size vary in a period on going from left to right?

4. Write one property of hydrogen which makes it resemble with
(a) Alkali metals
(b) Halogens.

5. a Arrange the following common substances in the increasing order of refractive indices. Ice, Kerosene, Glass,Diamond, Alcohol, Water.


6. Is it necessary that optically dense medium possesses greater mass density? Give an

7. On reaction with sodium hydroxide, X yielded Ethanoic acid and ethanol.
(a) Give the IUPAC name of X?
(b) Name the reaction.
(c) Give a chemical reaction for the above reaction.

8. How does the electronic configuration of an atom related to its position in the Modern periodic table ? Give one example.

9. Why nitrogen is more electro-negative than phosphorus?

10. A concave length has focal length of 25 cm. At what distance should the object from the lens be placed so that if it forms an image at 20 cm distance from the lens? Also find the
magnification produced by the lens.


11. Give an explanation for the formation of a rainbow.

12. How are we able to see distant and near by objects clearly? Which part of eye helps in changing curvature of lens? Why no image is formed at blind spot?

13. (a) Why magnification is taken negative for real images and positive for virtual images?
      (b) Why convex mirror is used in rear view mirrors and not concave mirror?

14. Power of concave lens is 4.5 D. Find its focal length.

15.(a) Find the size, nature and position of image formed when an object of 1 cm is placed at a distance of 15 cm from a concave mirror of focal length 10 cm.
     (b) Why does light travels faster in water in comparison to kerosene. (Refractive index of water and kerosene are 1.33 and 1.44 respectively)

16.(a) Which property of carbon leads to formation of large number of compounds? Define it.
     (b) What is the functional group in the following molecules?
     (c) Which of the following formula represents a saturated hydrocarbon?
CnH2n, CnH2n+1CnH2n+2CnH2n-2
     (d) What happens when methane is burnt in oxygen?
     (e) Why is the conversion of ethanol to Ethanoic acid an oxidation reaction?

17. a) Give three points to distinguish between alkenes and alkynes.
     (b) Explain the mechanism of cleaning action of detergents


18. Describe with a ray diagram how a person with myopia can be helped by spectacles.  

19. (a) Write chemical equations for the reactions involved in obtaining pure alumina  from the mineral bauxite which has impurities of iron oxide and silica.
   (b) Draw a labelled diagram of the electrolytic tank cell used for the extraction of aluminium from alumina.

20. (a) What are ‘magnetic field lines’? How is the direction of a magnetic field at a point determined ?
      (b) Draw two field lines around a bar magnet along its length on its two sides and mark the field directions on them by arrow marks.


21. Write the expanded form of the abbreviation AIDS. 

22. Why is one arm in sub-metacentric chromosome longer than the other ? 

23. What is ‘Green House Effect’ ? 


24. What is ‘Eutrophication’ ? Write its two harmful effects.

25. List any four practices which help in protecting our environment.

Or Describe any four modes of disposal of waste.


26. What is translationon’ ? Why is it essential for plants ? Where in plants are the
following synthesized : (i) Sugars     (ii) Hormones

Or What is ‘clotting of blood’? Draw the flow chart for showing major events taking place in clotting of blood.

27. Draw a diagram of human brain and label on it the following of its parts :
(i) Cerebrum    (ii) Meninges    (iii) Medulla Oblongata     (iv) Cerebellum


28. What is the difference between “self pollination” and “cross pollination”. Describe the process of  double fertilisation in plants.

29. What is ‘organic evolution’?How do embryological studies provide evidence evolution?

30. Explain the process of ‘photosynthesis’ in plants. List four factors which influence this process and describe how each of them affects the rate of the photosynthesis process?

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