CBSE Class XI Syllabus For Biotechnology

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CBSE Class XI Syllabus For Biotechnology

CBSE Class XI Syllabus Biotechnology

CBSE Class XI Syllabus Biotechnology-Exam syllabus for any academic session is important as it helps you to understand the entire curriculum to be done. Class XI is an important year for students as it is the first stage of senior secondary level hence you need to start preparing well.

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Biotechnology-The present syllabus for biotechnology deals with the fundamental concepts,basic techniques and applications at this elementary stage.The students will come to know about the basic processes and techniques used .The students will also understand the relationship of the subject to health,environment,industry,nutrition.They would be able to develop conceptual factors as that will help them to deal with professional courses ahead. Come to know about the different applications of biotechnology in everyday life.


Unit-I Biotechnology: An overview

Chapter-1: Biotechnology : An overview

Technology and Applications of Biotechnology,Global Market of Biotech, Products, Public Perception of Biotechnology, Biotechnology in India and Global Trends,Historical perspectives.

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Unit-II Molecules of Life

Chapter-1: Biomolecules: Building Blocks

Block building of carbohydrates,- Sugars and Their Derivatives, building blocks of Proteins , building blocks of Lipids,, building blocks of Nucleic Acids .

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Chapter-2: Macro molecules: Structure and Function

Carbohydrates , Proteins,, Enzymes,Lipids and Bio membranes

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Unit-III Genetics and Molecular Biology

Chapter-1: Concepts of Genetics

The Historical Perspective, Multiple Alleles, Linkage and Crossing Over, Genetic Mapping, Gene Interaction, Sex-Linked Inheritance, Extra nuclear Inheritance, Quantitative Inheritance, Genes at the Population Level.

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Chapter-2: Genens and Genomes: Structure and Function

Discovery of DNA as Genetic Material, DNA replication, fine structure of Genes, from Gene to Protein, transcription,The Basic Process, Genetic Code, Translation, Regulation of Gene Expression, Mutations, DNA Repair, Human Genetic Disorders, Genome Organization.

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Unit-IV Cells and Organisms

Chapter 1: The Basic Unit of Life

What is Cell Structure and Components, Tissues and Organs, Stem Cells, Biodiversity, Organization of Life.


Chapter 2: Cell Growth and Development

Cell Division, Cell Cycle, Cell Communication, Nutrition, Gaseous Exchange, Internal Transport,Maintaining the Internal Environment, Reproduction, In Vitro Fertilization, Animal and Plant Development, Immune Response in Animals, Programmed Cell Death, Defense Mechanisms in Plants.

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Books for Class XI Biotechnology


  1. A Textbook of Biotechnology for Class XI Paperback by R.C. Dubey
  2. A Text Book of Biotechnology XI Paperback by CBSE 

    3) Comprehensive Biotechnology Class XI Paperback by A. Jayakumaran Nair


    For study reference 

For online books 

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