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CBSE English Sample Papers for Class 9

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Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi  is one of the noticeable institution which prepares children for All Indian Secondary School Education. Over the years CBSE schools have been accepted as the best education provider in the secondary and higher secondary levels. A lots of students are now going for CBSE board as for years. CBSE board students are performing better for secondary and higher secondary level. As a B. Tech Graduate, I have prepared following CBSE English Sample Papers for Class 9 students taking assistance from certain books based on CBSE board syllabus, which will sure provide help to the appearing students of Board Exams.

General Instructions:

a) This paper consists of two section.
b) Section-I contains questions from 1 to 19.
c) Section-II contains questions from 20 to 30.
d) Marks are allotted to each question.


Q1. Read the following Passage given below and answer the questions that follow.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9

CBSE English Sample Papers for Class 9

School used to be all about writing, whether it was the exercise books we wrote in or the notes we passed around. But not any more. Now it’s all about typing. Learning your QWERTY is almost as important as learning your ABC. So, when my daughter came home last year with cursive handwriting homework, I was nonplussed. Cursive writing was originally developed to make it easier for children to write with a quill. By joining up the letters, it kept the quill on the parchment and minimized ink blots. But my daughter writes with a laptop. I explained as much to her teacher at the next parents’ day.But the teacher explained that research suggests that the process of writing information down on paper, by hand, has a more direct effect on the formation of memories in the learning process than typing. Taking notes in class is still the most effective way to learn. It’s a better way to store the skills for written language in a child’s brain than pressing  keys.She went on to say, “But that doesn’t mean that one should ditch computers.

Children  should be taught to touch-type early on. She just feels that learning is aided by the physical act of writing. Authors often write their first draft by hand. Whether it’s to do with the pace of thought, or some kind of stimulation the physical act has, we don’t know. But it’s a fact.” The French would doubtless agree. They love their handwriting. Teachers in France believe that fluency with a pen ‘unlocks the mind’ and they spend more time on writing than reading between the ages of three and eight.

We teach children the formation of letters and the appropriate joining strokes. But after a few years we leave them on their own devices, just as the written workload starts to increase. That’s when the bad habits set in.But as proper writing becomes rarer, spending some time improving your handwriting is a good investment. In the future, sending a handwritten letter will be a display of affluence and class, which is why the sale of fountain pens is reviving.

Briefly answer the following questions: [6 marks]
1) Today handwriting is not given much importance as_____________________.
2) The author was nonplussed when his daughter came home with cursive handwriting  homework as he felt that _______________________________.
3) The teacher felt differently because ______________________________.
4) Cursive writing was introduced as it ________________________________.
5) Although children are taught to write at an early age, they do not have legible handwriting when they grow older as _____________________________ .
6) Learning your QWERTY means _________________________ .

Answers: Answers are as follow:-
 Ans 1) children are using the computer from a very early age.
Ans 2) handwriting was not important as she used a computer.
Ans  3) research had proved that it enhanced the learning process as it led to the formation of  memories.
Ans 4) kept the quill on the paper preventing the formation of ink blots
Ans 5) we tend to ignore it as the work load increases.
Ans 6) learning to use the computer.

7) Fill in the blanks with one word only: [4 marks]
The point the author is trying to make here is that the importance of the computer cannot be (a) ____________ , but handwriting is (b) ______________ important as, not only does it (c) ____________ the learning, it also displays (d) ____________ .
a) ignored
b) equally
c) enhance
d) class

8)  Find a word in the passage that means the following: [2 marks]
a)  taken aback
b)  feather
a) nonplussed
b) quill

Q2. Passage 2:. Read the following Passage given below and answer the questions that follow.
By the time our delayed train reached and I disembarked with my father and baby Lavanya, it was well past midnight. It was cold, dark and foggy. My husband, Manas, who was to receive us, was nowhere in sight, Soon the platform became deserted. Then, a burly man approached us and offered to carry our bags. He wasn’t wearing the usual porter’s red shirt and tag, and though I was wary, my father decided to hire him.
Leaving Lavanya and me with the man, my father went to look for Manas. I took a closer look at the man and felt apprehensive. He was big and hairy, his face was pock-marked and his eyes looked bloodshot.
Just then Lavanya, who had been sleeping in my arms, awoke, and turned to look at the porter. He gave her a playful smile and held out his arms. I thought she’d start crying and held her closer. But she smiled back and twisted herself out of my arms into his.
Now I was really scared. What if he ran away with my baby? He must have sensed my fear and, even before I reached out to take Lavanya back, he handed her to me. Turning around, he mumbled that though everyone was scared of him, yet my innocent baby had accepted him. His eyes had tears in them. I didn’t know what to say.
At that moment my father returned with Manas. The man picked up our bags and walked towards the car park. As we followed him, I asked Manas to pay him a little extra. But, having put our luggage in the car, the man refused to take payment from us. Coming up to me, he placed his hand on my baby’s head for a moment as if to say, ‘God bless you!’ and walked away.

Answer the following questions :[5 marks] 9) The author was apprehensive when a man approached her as
a) he was drunk with bloodshot eyes
b) he was scary looking
c) her father was not with her
d) her husband was nowhere  in sight

Ans:  b

10) The man refused payment because
a) the money offered was less
b) the baby had come to him
c) he sensed the woman’s fears
d) he was not a porter

Ans: d

11) The man handed the baby back to the lady as
a) he realized that she was scared
b) his eyes had suddenly filled up with tears
c) he feared the baby would start crying
d) she reached out for the baby

Ans: a

12) This incident made the author realize that one should
a) not judge people by their appearances
b) only take the services of a regular porter
c) not be scared of strangers
d) not allow strangers to handle their children

Ans: a

13) ‘Apprehensive’ means
a) fearful
b) appreciative
c) sad
d) happy

Ans: a

Read the  poem carefully:
Once upon a time, son.They used to laugh with their hearts and laugh with their eyes;
But now they laugh only with their teeth,While their ice-block-cold eyes
Search behind my shadow.
There was a time indeed.
They used to shake hands with their hearts;
But that’s gone, son.Now they shake hands without their hearts
While their left hands search.My empty pockets.
“Feel at home”, “Come again,”They say, and when I come
Again and feel at home, once,Twice, there will be no thrice –
For then I find doors shut on me.So, I have learnt many things, son.
I have learnt to wear many faces.Like dresses – home-face,
Office-face, street-face, host-face,Cocktail-face, with all their conforming smiles
Like a fixed portrait smile.And I have learnt, too.
To laugh with only my teeth and shake hands without my heart.
I have also learnt to say ‘Goodbye’When I mean ‘Good – riddance’;
To say ‘Glad to meet you’Without being glad; and to say ‘It’s been
Nice talking to you’, after being bored Believe me, son
I want to be what I used to be When I was like you. I want
To unlearn all these muting things.Most of all I want to relearn
How to laugh, for my laugh in the mirror.Shows only my teeth like a snake’s bare fangs!
So show me, son.How to laugh; show me how
I used to laugh and smile Once upon a time when I was like you.
Gabriel Okara

Answer the questions given below: [5 marks]

14)  The father also ‘wears many faces’ as he
a )wants to hide his feelings
b) wants to imitate others
c)   wants to wear a portrait smile
d) doesn’t like the face he has

Ans: a

15) The father yearns to laugh like
a) a child
b)   other people
c)   his son
d)   he used to when he was young


16) The father appeals to his son as
a)   his laughter does not reflect his feelings
b)  he has forgotten how to laugh
c) he doesn’t laugh any more
d)   he is old and can no longer laugh like a child


17) The poem clearly conveys that
a) appearances are deceptive
b)  people are actors
b)  children teach adults
d)  when you grow up you have to relearn things

Ans: a

18) The human behaviour being discussed here is
a) dishonesty
b) friendliness
c)  hypocrisy
d) benevolence

Ans: hypocrisy

19)Complete the passage by selecting  the correct option : [8 marks]
The city police (a) ________ decided to (b) ________ stern action against drivers (c) _________ attempt to overtake (d) _____________ the left (e) _____________ city roads. All drivers who (f) _________ this rule will be punished. The first offence will (g) _________ penalty. The second will incur (h) _________ of the driving license.

a)(i) had (ii)  has (iii)  have (iv)  is
Ans: has

b.(i)  take (ii)  taking (iii)  too (iv)  taken

c.(i)  whose (ii)  who (iii)  which (iv)  those

d.(i)  in (ii)  to (iii)  over (iv)  from

e.(i)  in (ii)  over (iii)  on (iv)  by

f.(i)  vitiate (ii)  violate (iii)  violent (iv)  violence
Ans: violate

g.(i)  inviting (ii)  invitation (iii)  invite (iv)  invited

h.(i)  cancelling (ii)  cancellation (iii)  cancel (iv)  cancelled
Ans: cancellation


20)  Complete the conversation by choosing the correct option from those given below:  [4 marks]
Tourist:  Hello. I wish to know the tours your company offers.
Travel agent: Hello, Sir. Could you tell me which (a) _____________________?
Tourist:  Bangalore and Mysore.
Travel agent: (b) _________________________________ Sir?
Tourist:  No, I prefer a 3 – 4 day trip.
Travel agent:  Please go through this brochure and see what you like.
Tourist:  Thank you. (He goes through the brochure and asks) (c) ________?
Travel agent:  Rupees eight thousand, Sir.
Tourist:  (d) _________________________________ include travel expenses?
Travel agent: No Sir, we provide only accommodation.

For (a)
(i) places you would like to visit.
(ii) places you are liking to visit.
(iii) places you are likely to visit.
(iv) places you are to visit.

Ans : places you would like to visit.

For (b)
(i) For a week
(ii) From a week
(iii) For how long   
(iv) For how many days

Ans : For a week

For (c)
(i)    Tell me the cost of the trip 
(ii)   What should be the cost of the trip
 (iii)  What would be the cost of the trip  
(iv)  Cost please

Ans : What would be the cost of the trip

For (d)
(i)   Should that   
(ii)  Could that 
(iii) Would that   
(iv) Can that

Ans :  Would that

21) The following passage has not been edited. There is ONE error in each of the nine lines. Write the incorrect word and the correction as given in the instance [8 marks]
Error   Correction
eg. Singapore is located in a highest strategic   highest      highly
area in South-East Asia. It lay on an   21)……………       …………..
important trade route. Trade was its life  22) ……………      .  …………
line. It is a major port. Goods from every  23)…………       ……………
East Asian countries flow in Singapore  24) ……………      ……………
on their way for ports in Western Asia,   25) ……………        ……………
Africa and Europe. From a Singapore docks  26) ……………        …………..
ships carry rubber, copper, timber and spices  27)……………        …………..
sail to other countries. Other ships bring out   28) ……………        ……………
manufactured goods and machinery from the industrial countries of the world.

a) lies
b) is
c) all
d) through
e) to
f) the
h) industrial

29)Complete the following passage by filling ONE word in the blank: [4 marks]
The Annual Sports Day function of Agra Public School was (a) ___________ with great enthusiasm. The Director of Sports was the chief guest (b) ______________ the occasion. He was (c) __________ by the principal and staff, as well as the Head boy and Head girl. The prizes were given (d) ________ by the chief guest’s wife.
Answers: a) held/ celebrated   b) on c) welcomed/greeted/received d) away

30) Rearrange the following words and phrases to make meaningful sentences [4 marks].
Eg. feared by / snakes are / in our / worshipped / and / many / country
Ans. Snakes are worshipped and feared by many in our country.
30) of the / are venomous / only / 300 out / species / 2700 known
31)which is / yellow liquid / water / snake venom / 90% / is a
32)expelled / poison gland / that is / it is / from the / a substance
33) of thick / are / connective / these glands / made / tissue

Ans 30) Only 300 out of the 2700 known species are venomous
Ans 31) Snake venom is a yellow liquid which is 90% water
Ans 32) It is a substance that is expelled from the poison gland
Ans 33) These glands are made of thick connective tissue

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