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When we think of politics as a term which govern our city, state and our nation. This word simply takes inside our mind about leaders, the m.p etc.

Politics simply means the art or science of government or governing of a political entity, such as a nation,and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs.

Going towards the topic i.e the changing in politics around the globe we can simply say that the youth has mostly affected the politics not only in our country but in all around the globe. Well I mean to say about the current leader Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav they have really taken the indian politics like storm. I mean its they who have really put inside the indian nation mind about the youth power. People around the nation really thinks that the youths can really change the world. They can run a nation.


I mean now the entire world’s politics revolves around the young generation. Well definitely now the youth are a significant part of a ministry that is impacting the next generation. Everything they do makes a significant impact.




Taking into the world at a glance now the current strategy of the developed countries around the globe looks a bit gloomy. Now every country wants to be no.1 both in economy and power. They all wants to destroy their competitor country. Current international politics is turning into getting more and more stronger towards nuclear power, towards crude oil etc.

Looking into the current scenario if you will look towards india-china situation the chinese politics is to just destabilize the indian economy and power by encouraging pakistani’s against india inorder that the indian major economy and concentration goes towards Pakistan and india cannot prosperous the way they could be otherwise.

obama20_sq-6f9b96594e0aed00c1be3884cd0f8266508ee364-s6-c10Now looking into the most powerful country of this world non other than the united states of America if we look at their international politics they never disclose to the world about that.

But their current ideology is to get over the entire world by strengthing their power and reducing their competitors.


Afghan_men_praying_in_Kunar-2009If we look at the Islamic countries   Political,more so, militant Islam has become an influential religious and social force in many post-colonial states. The militants face very little by way of real political opposition within Muslim-majority societies, but they are now targeted and attacked militarily by the United States, other Western imperial interests, and client post-colonial states. In the context of the war in Iraq, the occupation of Afghanistan, and the “war on terror,” much has been written by people on the left. But, there is little by way of understanding political Islam from a historical materialist perspective. Some months back, however, Samir Amin offered his traditional historical materialist analysis of political Islam  and very briefly touched on a range of issues, such as modernity, secularism and imperialism. Amin has been generally dismissive of political Islam and unambiguous in saying that Islamists have been in the “service of imperialism.”



  • Terrorism is one of the greatest factor envolving in the current politics.
  • Big super powers generally uses this as a weapon to destroy their competive countries economy and peace, in order for them to rise.
  • But the terrorist and terrorism is now becoming out of control.
  • They are becoming the most dangerous element for the mankind.
  • Now the terrorist themselves tries to make an impact, they are becoming outlaws.


  • Youth has taken the world politics resulting into young and hot blood in the politics.
  • This simply means aggression in the politics.
  • Patience is disappearing  because of lack of experience.


  • The current global politics is heading into just a secret weapon to destroy the other.
  • We all have to take some serious positive measures so that all the countries should come together, and none of them harm the other.
  • Also encourageing youth power is always a nice thing but we also need some experience people so that the politics should be a good mixture of both young and experience.

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  1. Rishu Goel says:

    This article is mind opening for the people as well as the youth and explains about what politics is….

  2. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    The word ‘politics’ always take a leading role in the entire world. Starting from India to United states all have the same prospective for politics but at the different circumstances. The above article basically reveals the entire picture of it in a very sequencial pattern. How the international terrorism comes into the word, how the economical views are limited by political barrier, all are mentioned here. So, I think that everyone should have to go for this article atleast once..

  3. Sneha Sinha says:

    Politics and its changing face has a great impact on the contemporary society.Nicely put up article

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