Chemistry books for IIT JEE

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This article tells you about the complete information regarding IIT JEE concept and also about the Chemistry books for IIT JEE.

Reference books for Chemistry for IIT JEE

201386-11420813-850-ncert_1All about chemistry for IIT JEE: The NCERT book, as you all know is evergreen and hit of all times.It is the students and editors choice.Learn Chemistry at your Finger tips.

It has been asked by many students and parents that why big brand names of coaching do not appear or appear very less in our rating of top coaching.

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We would like to inform that during our review of coaching centers, we keep personal guidance as most important factor or parameter of our calculation for the best coaching.

During our review process we have found that in big brands teachers salary is as high as Rs 6000 for one hour of class.Due to which teachers cost becomes Rs 100 for every minute he/she invest.I think a teacher feels that till the time he/she is in coaching his/her bill meter should keep running.

Thus, they keep rushing for classes without giving individual time to students and thus we do not recommend these big brand centers.

Even centers of big brands who focus on individual mentor-ship, we put them in ranking.

Publisher: Arihant

Price In India:Rs 115


9789383379903_1This has  unique content and must go throught his book.You feel comfortable after it.The concept has well arranged,This book is editors choice.

Publisher: Disha Publications

Price In India: Rs 210






Numerical Chemistry:The new book has arrived in the market, All about IIT jEE for Chemistry.The unique content has madethge book famous all over.

Publisher: GRB Books

Price In India: Rs 310






Physical Chemistry For IIT JEE and the concept has explained mathematically by the author.The students choice and the editors choice.All contents are given in the deep concept.

Publisher: Oxford University

Price In India : Rs 735






General chemistry:This book has met the customers requirements that is students.This book covers all the entire syllabus for JEE Mains.

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Price In India: Rs 11743






A Textbook for Organic Chemistry that covers all the contents and syllabus for the IIT JEE.This book will help the students during revision time.So that they can properly revise their contents.

Publisher: Disha Publications

Price In India: Rs 320





This book is the book for all engineering exams.This is favorite by the users and Editor.The best book for all the competitive exams that may help you to easily crack the JEE exam.

Publisher: Arihant Publications

Price In India: Rs 854





This book has met the customers requirements that are students.The book has great concepts and quality of material in the book.This book covers all the entire syllabus for JEE Mains.

Publisher: O.P Tondon

Price In India: Rs 899





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