Does your child need home tuition

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How Home Tuition have evolved with time and does your child need home tuition

Time has been passing by and every aspect of education has been evolving and so is case of Home tuition. Does your child need home tuition which evolved with new breed of qualified teachers , although these teachers have knowledge of their subject domains but they lack in teaching methodology which use to be good with conventional home tutors who were hired earlier from references.

Now a days Home Tuition have three forms 

1. Home Tuition : Its core and real form of Home tuition , where a teacher comes to home of student and teaches in house and teacher is

Home tuitions

able to give individual attention to its students. With change in system now Home tuition managing organisation , first analyses student and then send teachers specific according to need of student , as If student is week in mathematics then visit from a Maths teacher will be more to his house then other teachers. Earlier only one teacher use to teach all subject but now different teachers take classes of different subjects.

2. Online Home Tuition: This is most technological advanced system of home tuition where in a student studies at his home and teacher teaches from his home or facility center. This gives student and teacher more flexibility in terms of cost and methodology of teaching. Teachers who can not go home because of time crunch and high demand takes up this methodology. where in one class 5-10 students are taken for online tutoring through a video conference but at both end high speed internet connection is required. Although cost comes down in group learning and students get chance to re visualize the class which gets recorded during sessions. online system has white board where teachers shares every thing and voice as well has visual mode through which students can talk directly to teachers and see them.

Although online home tuition became popular in educating youths where understanding was easy but with time now students from different part of world take these online classes because theories of Physics had been same for every one may it be in USA or India but a good teacher in US can be as costly as 50$/hour where as in India good teacher can be available at 15$/hour. It does not matter where teacher is sitting in USA or India till the time teacher is able to communicate and make student understand the concepts.

3. Community Home tuition: A new concept of teaching has started , where teachers are not professional teachers rather people from corporate sector who go to their office on daily time and in evening they take classes of students of the same community or same colony. These teachers are not professional teachers rather they work in some corporate sector on daily basis at some position in Private companies as HR manager or Software developer or CA etc.

These people come in evening from their office and takes care of your child need of Home tuition. Although these people are well qualified in their respective sector but Parents need to understand.

E=MC² is given in every book , what your child need is some one who can make him understand this theory.

This can only be achieved by a teacher not a corporate professional who works.

We try to keep track on every form of home tuition and try to keep you informed about every home tutors, if any confusion to track best home tutors in your location you can write at or call 01204221413

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