CMAT Sample Paper for Practice

CMAT Sample Paper for Practice

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Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) is a national level management admission test for admission in all management programs approved by AICTE. The exam is held twice a year in the month of Feb and Sept. Graduates in any discipline or final year students of graduate courses can apply for CMAT. Following CMAT Sample papers are prepared for all interested one’s who are willing to give CMAT Test and looking forward to check their performance level.

Following re some instruction for CMAT Sample Paper 

CMAT Mock Test Paper

CMAT Papers for Practice

1. Directions for answering the questions are given before each group of questions. Read these directions carefully and answer the questions by darkening the appropriate circles on the Answer Sheet.

2. Each question carries 2 marks . Each wrong answer will attract a penalty of half of the marks allotted to that question.

3. Do your rough work only on the Test Booklet and Not on the Answer Sheet.

4. Follow the instructions of the invigilator. Candidates found violating the instructions will be Disqualified.


  1. Which country did not participate in Cobra Gold 2013, an annual, multi-national military training programme that incorporates jungle survival techniques?

a) Malaysia
b) South Korea
c) India
d) Indonesia

2. Who is the recipient of the ‘life time achievement award 2013’ instituted by Ernst & Young?

a) Adi Godrej
b) Ratan Tata
c) Deepak Parekh
d) Mike jackson

3. Who has been selected fot the prestigious Vyas Samman 2012 for his historical novel ‘ Na Bhooto Na  BHavishyati’ ?

a)Narendra Kohli
b)Ramdarash Misra
c)Amar Kanth
d) Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari

4. Who has been presented the Best author and Editor of Public Relations and Communication ‘Chanakya’ Award by Election commissioner H.S. Brahma ?

a) M B Jayaram
b) C.V. Narsimha Reddi
c) Barkha Dutt
d) Kiran Bedi

5. Vijay Thakur Singh, the joint secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs, has been appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to:

a) Bangladesh
b) Australia
c) Singapore
d) China

6. Who is the present president of Asian Development Bank?

a) Haruhiko Kuroda
b) Hiroshi Nakaso
c) Kikuo Iwata
d) Takeshi Watanabe

7. STRaND-1, a nano-satellite carrying a smartphone, has been launched successfully into space from:

a) China
b) India
c) France
d) USA

8. Which State became the first state in India to ban the manual scavenging?

a) Maharashtra
b) Gujarat
c) Delhi
d) Kerala

9. Who is the first woman President of South Korea?

a) Lee Young-Ae
b) Park Geun-hye
c) Jung Ryeo-Won
d) Park Han-Byul

10. Researchers from Norway, South Africa, Britain and Germany have discovered a small continent beneath the Indian Ocean, called:

a) Vaticania
b) Victoriana
c) Mauritia
d) Indiana

11. Who won the WTA Copa Claro Colsanitas Cup 2013 in Bogota, Colombia?

a) Jelena Jankovic
b) Paula Ormaechea
c) Lourdes Dominguez Lino
d) Lara Arruabarrena-Vecino

12. Which film won Oscars (Best picture )Award 2013 at the 85th Academy Awards?

a) Argo
b) Amour
c) Life of Pi
d) Lincon

13. A and B who are separated by a distance of 90 m, are approaching towards each other. The speed of A is 5 m/s and that of B is 10 m/s.  When will they meet each other ?

a) after 6 s
b) after 9 s
c) after 8 s
d) after 12s
e) None of these

14. A and B who are separated by a distance of 90m, are approaching towards each other. The initial speed of A is 5m/s and that of B is 10m/s. If  A increases his speed by 5m/s every second, When will they meet each other ?

a) after 6s
b) after 4s
c) after 8s
d) after 5s
e) None of these

15. Two inlet pipes can  separately fill a tank in 20 minutes and 15 minutes respectively and a waste pipe can empty the completely filled tank in 12 minutes. On a certain day , the two inlet pipes are turned on simultaneously  to fill the empty tank. But after 9 minutes it was found that the waste pipe was also left opened, it was closed immediately . How much more time is required to fill the tank completely ?

a) 5.5 min
b) 6 min
c) 6.2 min
d) 6.5 min
e) 5 min

16. Find the sum of all natural numbers from 1 to 100  that are neither a multiple of 2 nor a multiple of 5 ?

a) 2275
c) 2515
d) 2845
e) 2125

17. The number of values of ‘X’ less than 30 for which 50!-X! ends in six zeroes is

a) 6
b) 5
c) 4
d) 3
e) 0

18. What is the 12th digit from the left of (6007)³ ?

a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3
e) 9

19.  What is highest power of 3 in 87!-60! ?

a) 28
b) 42
c) 14
d) 27
e) None of these

20. What can be the maximum number of point of intersection of any two figure if there are four circles on a plane ?

a) 4
b) 12
c) 6
d) 16
e) 24

21. A speaks the truth in 70%  cases and B in 80% cases. What is the probability that they will contradict with each other in explaining a single event ?

a) 0.36
b) 0.38
c) 0.42
d) 0.56
e) 0.62

22. Answer the following question  based on the following alpha numeric series :

S K 6 N 2 4 A J Q 5 C 7 E H 9 8 X 1 3 O S W F 5 M T

which character is the 5th to  left of the 16th character from the right hand , if the first half of the above series is reversed?

a) A
b) 8
c) 9
d) Q
e) J

23.  The function f(x) = |x-2| +|2.5 – x| + |3.6 – x|, where x is a real number, attains a minimum at

a) x=2.3
b) x=2.5
c) x=2.7
d) None of above                                             

Direction for use : Read the argument given below and answer the question that follows.

24. Efficiency is all right in its place,in the shop, the factory, the store. The trouble with the efficiency is that it wants to rule our play as well as our work ; it won’t be content to reign in the shop, it follows us home.

It can be inferred from the above passage that

a) efficiency can became all-pervading
b) efficiency does not always pay
c) efficiency can be more of a torture than blessing
d) efficiency and speed result into effectiveness.
e) efficiency metrices can be extremely valuable, but they can easily be misused.

25) Whether we look at the intrinsic value of our literature, or at the particular situation of the country, we shall see the strongest reason to think that of all foreign tongues, the English tongue is that which would be the most useful to our native subjects.

It can be inferred that

a) the speaker is a die-hard colonist
b) the speaker has the good of the nation at heart
c) the speaker is addressing an issue related to a colonial empire
d) the speaker is impelling the audience to promote English
e) the speaker is providing his/her opinion about importance and relevance of English among all the foreign languages

Direction for question : The following question consists of six statements followed by four sets of combinations of three . You have to choose that set in which the statement are logically related.


  1. Some men are bad
  2. All men are sad
  3. All bad things are men
  4. All bad things are not sad
  5. Some sad things are men
  6. Some sad things are bad

a) 165
b) 236
c) 241
d) 345
e) 234


  1. Some sand is band
  2. All sandal is band
  3. All band is sand
  4. No sand is sandal
  5. No band is sand
  6. Some band is sandal

a) 235
b) 165
c) 453
d) 354
e) 231

Direction for question : Identify the correct sentence.

28. Help yourself to some cheese and a plate.

a) Help yourself to some cheese and a plate.
b) Help yourself to a cheese and the plate.
c) Help yourself to  cheese and the plate.
d) Help yourself to any cheese and a plate.
e) Help yourself to quite cheese and a plate. 

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