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College choice factor-A college is an educational institution which rewards a degree to a student. It is a place of social and personal development apart from the intellectual development. Basically it is a ticket to an adventure beyond the parameters of what one has experienced throughout their school life.

But the major question arises when one has to select a college to pursue higher studies. There are a number of factors that a student considers while he or she is concerned about his or her future regarding selecting a college. Some of them are listed below:

  • Aim of the candidate: A student should first be very clear about their aim and then choose their dream college amongst the best colleges for that major.
  • Affordable: One should seek diversity not just in terms of nationality but also in terms of financial background. The fees of a college is a major point for a college selection basically it becomes an important point for the parents and I guess the students should also take this under consideration and there are many colleges with less cost but with adequate resources.
  • Location of a college: Parents are more concerned about the location of any college and also the campus housing facility offered. The location of any college from the student’s home can also act as a deciding factor. This point may be ignored for the male candidate but for girls this becomes the most effective factor.
  • Admission criteria: If a student is well determined about the above three points then they should look for the colleges with a proper admission procedure as there are some colleges that attract students on the basis of their resources but at the time of admission the real scenario is depicted and one has been left with no choice other than being dependent only on that college.
  • Opportunities: If one’s interest and circumstances don’t demand an immediate concentration on only one field of study then they should opt for a place that’ll force to stretch in multiple directions which will also help in enhancement of one’s knowledge. Generally a student perpetuates with what they’re familiar with, descending to the same college that their friends are or duplicating their parental paths. But if you want a secured future try to be jack of all trades. So consider this point while choosing a college.
  • Environment: An average student can also perform well if he gets the proper environment of study while a brilliant student can deteriorate his performance if subjected to an environment that is not so influenced by studies. So environment of a college should be also considered.
  • Placement: Almost every student before entering any educational institution dreams of being placed in a well reputed organisation after their graduation. Placement is one of the eminent criteria to categorise a college or a university as good. Try to browse all information regarding the placement status of the last batch of the college and then you may be able to get the appropriate information regarding the status of the college.

These were some points but there can be several factors and it varies from a person to person. So think before you act and take a decision with patience and confidence. Well you can get almost all information about any college on internet. Here are being listed some of the top universities in India:

  1. IIT BOMBAY- Mumbai
  2. IIT KANPUR- Kanpur
  3. IIT MADRAS- Chennai
  4. IIT DELHI- New Delhi
  5. Indian Institute of Sciences- Bangalore
  6. University of Delhi-Delhi
  7. IIT Kharagpur- Kharagpur
  8. Manipal University- Manipal
  9. Anna University- Chennai
  10. Jawaharlal Nehru centre for advanced scientific research-   Bangalore
  11. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research-Mumbai
  12. Lovely Professional University – Phagwara
  13. Birla Institute of Technology and Science- Pilani
  14. University of Mumbai-Mumbai
  15. IIT Roorkee- Roorkee
  16. Jawaharlal Nehru University  -New Delhi
  17. Punjab University  -Chandigarh
  18. Amity University  – Noida
  19. IIT Guwahati- Guwahati
  20. TISS -Mumbai

There are a number of good colleges all over India. These were only some of the universities but if you are looking for colleges for a particular major you can search for those in oureducation site and extract the relevant information.




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  1. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    How do we choose our desired college?? This is always a big question towards us. Choosing a career may be easy, but to achieve that from a reputed place is not so easy. The factors which play a role to choose our desired college or university , are mentioned in that article. So, is your desire match with this or not, please check it once and think again for your suitable future.

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