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Australia has powerful educational infrastructure and quality life, both of which are relatively manageable. Earn while you study: Australia are one of the few countries where overseas students are permitted to work up to 20 hours each week during the academic year and full-time during vacations.

study in australia

Three and a half times the area of India, Australia has just overpass the 20 million population check. Australia has the blue sea colour skies; the natural fresh air, the purest water and a wide range of exotic fruits and vegetables such as kiwis, mangoes and so on, available throughout the year. Most Ozzie’s, as they are said, live around the wide seafaring area, with the greatest city being Sydney, followed by Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart  etc.


Country – Australia

Capital – Canberra                                                                                                            

Language – English/Native Language

Official Currency – Australian Dollar (AUD)                                                               study in australia

People in Australia are extremely friendly and largely nature loving oriented, associate themselves in an array of sports. Dignity of Labor is an integral part of the Australian culture, with minimum wages being one of the biggest world-wide.

Of the 39 top Universities, 37 are government capitalize. The older universities tend to be more inclined towards research, and eight such universities ; Sydney University, Melbourne University, Australian National, Western Australian University, University of Monash, and Queensland, University of Adelaide, and University of New South Wales have established themselves as some of the best in the country.

study in australia

Today, Australia is a truly multi-cultural nation, with people from world including India, China, the UK, and the USA etc jointly forming a part of the Australian community. Above all, Australia is safe guarded place, without racial intolerance. Global chance, higher institution consultants for universities in Australia are representatives for the best universities and colleges. We represent bachelor colleges and universities, PHD Colleges and Universities, Medical colleges in Australia, MBA colleges in Australia and engineering universities in Australia.


University         2012 rank       2010 rank        Excellence          Strength       Weakness      Breadth

Melbourne         1                              2              85%                         18.5         0                    20
Sydney              2                              5              84.4%                      18.2         0                    20
ANU                   3                              1              80%                         15.2         0                   18
UNSW                4                              4              75%                         15            0                   22
Monash             5                              6              67%                         13            0                    19
Adelaide            7                              8              46%                         10            0                    2.4
Wollongong       9                             11            32%                         5.8           2                     16
Tasmania          11                            13            26%                         5              5                     21
QUT                  12                            9              26%                         5.2           0.8                  1
Newcastle          13                           16            25%                         4               3                    18
UNISA                14                           19            22%                         3             1.6                15
Swinburne         15                           18            21%                         2.6          3.6               12
Griffith               16                           12            20%                         3              3                 19
RMIT                  16                           21            20%                         3              2                16
Deakin               17                           17            18%                         3.4           6                19
La Trobe            18                           15            15%                         2.6           2.4              18

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