COMEDK Syllabus with Eligibility Criteria for Engineering

COMEDK Syllabus and Eligibility Criteria for Engineering

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COMEDK UGET is a common entrance exam conducted for the admission in Private Medical, Architecture, Ayurveda,  Unani, Homoeopathy, Engineering & Technology, Dental and Naturopathy & Yoga Colleges under the name of Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka is held by the Karnataka Private Medical & Dental Colleges Association under the name of (COMEDK). This post presents COMEDK Syllabus for Engineering entrance exam including eligibility criteria, exam pattern for the exam and other related searches for top engineering colleges.

Eligibility Criteria for COMEDK

Download COMEDK Syllabus with Eligibility Criteria for Engineering

COMEDK Syllabus for Engineering

A Candidates should have passed 10+2 higher secondary or equivalent examination from a recognized institute with minimum percentage of  50% marks in PCM and English as a compulsory subject with a minimum percentage of 40% marks.

COMEDK Exam Pattern

  • A combined test is conducted for Physics and Chemistry subject each of carrying 60 marks which are to be solved within 120 minutes.
  • Mathematics paper includes a total of 60 questions which are to be solved within 60 minutes duration.
  • All questions are of MCQ types.

Scoring and Grading of COMEDK UGET Exams

  • There is no negative marking in COMEDK.  One mark is given for every correct answer.
  • No mark is awarded, if a student indicates more than one option.
  • In case of tie situation student with least negative response is given more preference.

Tips and Tricks for COMEDK Exam

  • First thing to start preparation is awareness of syllabus and topics covered in the textbooks as most of the questions are asked in this exam. So prepare well and cover all the topics related to that subject.
  • Prepare short your notes for preparation as they are best source for revision in peak time preparation.
  • Divide your time well among all the subjects to cover them on time.
  • Try to solve as much as practice papers as you can.
  • COMEDK has no negative marking. So try to attempt as much as possible but keeping time management in your mind.

Syllabus of COMEDK

COMEDK Syllabus for Mathematics

Topic-1: Vectors and 3-Dimensional Geometry
Topic-2:  Matrices and Determinants
Topic-3: Circles and Co-ordinate Geometry
Topic-4:  Exponential and Logarithmic Series
Topic-5: Probability, Correlation and Regression
Topic-6: Differential Equations
Topic-7: Definite Integral
Topic-8: Integral and Differential Calculus

Download detailed COMEDK Syllabus for Maths in pdf format

COMEDK Syllabus for Chemistry

Topic-1: Chemistry of representative elements
Topic-2: Nuclear Chemistry
Topic-3: Electro chemistry and Chemical Kinetics  
Topic-4: Chemistry in Action
Topic-5: Chemistry of Biological Processes
Topic-6: Biomolecules and Polymers
Topic-7: Chemistry of Carbon Compounds
Topic-8:  Coordination Chemistry and Organometallic
Topic-9: Transition Metals including Lanthanides etc.

Download detailed COMEDK Syllabus for Chemistry in pdf format

COMEDK Syllabus for Physics

Topic-1:  Heat and thermodynamics
Topic-2:  Electrostatics and Oscillations
Topic-3:  Thermal and Chemical effects of currents
Topic-4:  Electromagnetic Induction and AC
Topic-5: Physical World & Measurement
Topic-6:  Introduction and Description of motion in one dimension
Topic-7:  Description of motion in two and three dimensions etc

Download detailed COMEDK Syllabus for Physics in pdf format

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