Common TOEFL Essay Topics

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Those students who want to study abroad and apply in college university or college in any English speaking country, then it would be going to tough for such students who don’t have English as their first language.  In this scenario, you have to take the TOEFL exam as such countries require qualifying the exam when it comes to get admission in the colleges or universities here. You have to show proficiency in this language.  Indians generally prefer such universities and try to qualify these exams. Here in this guide, we have come up with Common TOEFL Essay Topics that can be very helpful for you.

The Test of English Foreign Language is a necessity to get admission into a foreign university as it is a requirement. It has a writing test that consists of two essays. Students need to read a lecture and summarize it,  While the second essay is an open-ended one.

Preparing for the TOEFL by knowing what to expect from it will help the students write a high-scoring essay that will boost their score. The TOEFL has two essays in the writing sections namely;

  • Integrated Writing Topics: It provides the students an article to read along with a conversation/lecture to listen. Students need to combine the information from the two sources to write a new one. This is really very important and you should be well aware of it. Things can be quite easier if you focus on such topics.
  • Independent Writing topics: The students need to write an essay on the theory or idea. This is to check your writing skills and how you write them in general English.

The common TOEFL exam topics are;

  • Agree or Disagree: Students need to agree or disagree on a topic. This is like showing your opinion about anything. If you agree on any topic then how and why it is right. If you are disagree on any topic then you should be ready to explain your disagreement on these topics.
  • Description / Explanation: Students need to explain their views about the given topic. You have to give explanation in simple English language and It is to check your writing skills.
  • Preference: Students need to express an opinion about the topic provided in the exam. This is easy to express opinion on any topic and you just need to choose simple English sentences to do so.
  • If / Imaginary: Students are provided with an imaginary situation and they need to offer specific details to explain it. This will show how you can imagine any situation and explain it in English.
  • Compare & Contrast: Students need to analyze the similarities or differences between two distinct objects. This needs ideas and thinking over a subject and you can do it.

Several online sources offer help to students about the different topics that will help in preparing for the exam. There are so many online communities, group and forums that can help you in a good way.

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