comparison between india and china

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Comparison between India and china

Comparison between India and china

comparison between India and china

China and India are very much similar in terms of economic conditions. Both the countries were among the most ancient civilizations and their economies are influenced by a number of social, political, economic and other factors. However, if we try to properly understand the various Economic and market trends and features of the two countries, we can make a comparison between India and china. Both countries have huge market potential.

China has a population of almost 1.3 billion and its real GDP growth rate between 2004 and 2006 averaged at 10 percent. India at the same time has an average real GDP growth rate of 8 percent, with a population of over 1 billion

The boom in IT sector in India made this into a favorable destination for investors. But China is ahead in terms of attracting FDI than India. The China is very strong in the field of manufacturing sector.

Some geopolitical aspects of these two nations are the factor determines the peace. Sometimes market investors face problem with Indian slow policies, where as the fast implementation in China is advantage of it.

Compare between India and china has always been concern globally.

The population living in poverty in India is high in comparison to the China. Certainly, the China economy is ahead of India,

But it could be expected that India economy would touch fastest growth in near future. It may appear to be true that China has an overall better business environment because it has a more foreign  investor-friendly structure and top economic growth rates. However, India also has magnificent growth prospect, along with the advantage of being closer to the Western culture.

Both countries are also on their way to improve technologies to create more business potential. Therefore, only time can tell which country, in the long term, will be better than the other

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3 Responses to comparison between india and china

  1. Gourav Jain says:

    Though the facts are true but there is an imp. sector where India Beats China through a huge margarine is IT/BPO industry . According ,to the survey India’s earnings from the BPO sector alone in 2010 is $49.7 billion while China earned $35.76 billion.

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