Competitive Entrance Examination

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Competitive Entrance Examination


Subject – Physics and Chemistry

Time:- 1:00 hours                                                                 Total Marks: 50

Note :- All question carry equal marks.


  1. The unit of power is.

a)     Kilo watt

b)    Dyne

c)     Kilo watt-hour

d)    Joule


  1. Which of the following three sets of fundamental quantities is such that they can not be taken as a fundamental quantities in any system of units.

a)     Mass, time & velocity

b)    Velocity, length & time

c)      Length, mass & time

d)    Time , length & velocity


  1. What is the absolute charge of neutron.

a)     -1

b)    N

c)     0

d)    None of these.


  1. The parallactic angle subtended by a distant star is 0.76 rad on the Earth’s orbital diameter ( 1.5 * 1011 m). Find the distance of the star from the Earth.

a)     1.69 * 104 m

b)    1.90 * 103 m

c)     1.97 * 1011 m

d)    1.79 * 1011 m


  1. Electric discharge carried out in modified cathode ray tube led to the discovery of particles carrying positive charge also called as

a)     Canal rays

b)    Cathode rays

c)     Hydraulic rays

d)    Electronic waves


  1. A screw has 20 threads in 1cm and its circular scale has 50 division. Find its pitch & least count.

a)     0.007cm & 0.02mm

b)    0.05cm & 0.01mm

c)     0.002cm & 0.07mm

d)    0.001cm & 0.05mm


  1. In an ideal gas equation, we need the product PV of the pressure and volume of the gas. The product of which of the following have the same units as PV.

a)     Charge and potential

b)    Electric field, strength and distance

c)     Electromotive force and capacitance

d)    Magnetic moment and induction


  1. In case of the exchange energy of stabilization of cadmium and palladium.
    1. Cadmium has higher exchange energy than palladium
    2. palladium has higher exchange energy than Cadmium
    3. Both Cadmium and Palladium has equal exchange energies.

a)     Only A is true

b)    Only B is true

c)     Both A and C is true

d)    Both B and C is true


  1. The unit of “impulse per unit area” is same as that of.

a)     Viscosity

b)    Surface intention

c)     Bulk modulus

d)    None of the above


  1. Dimensional equation of force:

a)     [MLT-2]

b)    [ML-2T]

c)     [ML-1T-2]

d)    [M-1LT-2]


  1. The length of third line in the Paschen series of Hydrogen spectrum is

a)     1.75 * 104

b)    1.09 * 104

c)     26.88 * 104

d)    20.22 * 104


  1.  The number of revolution per second of an electron placed in the 4th orbit of He+  ion is

a)     2.57*1015

b)    5.68*1014

c)     4.10*1014

d)    3.10*1013


  1. It is required to remove an electron completely from the 2nd orbit of a hydrogen atom. You can assume that the electron energy in hydrogen atom is E=-21.7 *10-12  *(1/n)ergs. Find the wavelength of the light that would be required to achieve this.

a)     2.66*10-5

b)    3.66*10-5

c)     4.66*10-5

d)    5.66*10-5


  1. A monatomic cation with tripositive charge contains 23 electrons and 33 neutrons. The element is

a)       Al

b)      Co

c)      Fe

d)      Cr


  1. Number of unpaired electrons of an atom having electronic configuration 2K 8L 9M 2N are

a)     4

b)    3

c)     2

d)    1


  1. Line arising due to the transition from higher energy level to the second energy level in the hydrogen spectrum belongs to

a)     I.R. region

b)    U.V. region

c)     visible region

d)    far I.R. region


  1.  The wavelength of third line in the Paschen series of hydrogen spectrum is

a)     1.09 × 10− 4

b)    1.75 × 10−4

c)     26.88 × 10−8

d)    32.92 × 10− 8


  1. Number of unpaired electrons of an atom having electronic configuration 2K 8L 9M 2N are

a)     4

b)    3

c)     2

d)    1


  1. Find the permissible error in measuring the surface area of a sphere, if the error in the measurements of its radius is 0.3%.

a)     0.3%

b)    0.9%

c)     0.6%

d)    0.8%




  1. The dimensional formula [ML-1T-2] corresponds to:

a)     Modulus of elasticity

b)    Viscosity

c)     Moment of a force

d)    Thrust
































Competitive Entrance Examination


Subject – Mathematics


Time:- 1:00 hours                                                                 Total Marks: 50

Note :- All question carry equal marks.


  1. The sum of the angles in a polygon containing four sides?

a)                 1800

b)                2400

c)                 2700

d)                3600


  1. One fifth of a number is 62. What will 73% of that number be?

a)                 198.7

b)                212.5

c)                 226.9

d)                234.8


  1. What is half of the diameter called?

a)                 Chord

b)                Radius

c)                 Diagonal

d)                Semicircle


  1. The coordinates of the foot of the perpendicular drawn from the point A(1,2,1) to the line joining B(1,4,6) and C(5,4,4)

a)                 (3,4,5)

b)                (4,0,2)

c)                 (-1,-2,-2)

d)                (2,8,-4)




  1. Which of the following is a Armstrong no.?

(hint:- sum of the cube of the digits generates same no.)

a)                 351

b)                531

c)                 153

d)                135


  1. The difference b/w the simple and compound interest on a certain sum of money at 5% rate of interst p.a. for two years is Rs. 15. Then the sum is

a)                 Rs. 6500

b)                Rs. 5500

c)                 Rs. 6000

d)                Rs. 7000


  1. The formula to find the area of rhombus?

a)                 ½*(Product of sides)

b)                2*(Product of diagonals)

c)                 ½*(Product of diagonals)

d)                2*(Product of sides)


  1. 45% of 324+34*36/3 = ?+15% of 160

a)                 529.8

b)                429.6

c)                 519.6

d)                529.6


  1. What is Polygon?

a)                 A closed figure containing two sides.

b)                A closed figure containing less than two sides.

c)                 A closed figure containing more than two sides.

d)                None of the above.


  1. The vertex of the parabola y2-2y+8x-23=0 is

a)                 (3,1)

b)                (1,3)

c)                 (-1,3)

d)                (1,-3)


  1. If 31% of a numbers is 46.5 the no. is

a)                 150

b)                155

c)                 160

d)                165


  1. The sum of the measures of any two sides of a triangle is

a)     Equal to third side

b)    > third side

c)     < third side

d)    Square of the third side


  1. H.C.F of 42,63 and 140 is?

a)                 14

b)                9

c)                 21

d)                7


  1. Two no. are respectively 25% and 20% less than a third no. What percent is the first no. of the second

a)                 5.85%

b)                75.85%

c)                 80.60%

d)                93.75%


  1. 5060.50/452 = ? -7.5

What should come in place of ? mark.

a)                 1

b)                0

c)                 10

d)                100


  1. In 10 years A will be twice as old as B was 10 years ago. If A is now 9 year older than B, the Present age of B is

a)                 19

b)                29

c)                 39

d)                49


  1. Rs 700 is divided among A,B and C . So that A receive half as much as B half as much as C. Then C’s share is

a)                 200

b)                300

c)                 400

d)                600


  1. The age of the father is 5 times of the son after 20 years father age is 40. Then what will be age of the son?

a)                 20

b)                21

c)                 22

d)                24


  1. The largest no. of 5 digits. Which is a perfect square?

a)                 99999

b)                99764

c)                 99976

d)                99856


  1. If one root of the equation 4x2+x+K=0 is the square of the other. Then the value of K is

a)                 ½

b)                1

c)                 .5

d)                2


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