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Computer Questions for IBPS Exam 2015 Set 2

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Computer Questions for IBPS Exam 2015 Set 2

Q 1 By which we get output?

(a) monitor



(d)All Above


Q 2 Which is an Input device?

(a) Keyboard

(b)light pen

(c) 1or2



Q 3 In which kind of monitor CRT is Attached ?

(a) LED


(c)Traditional Monitor

(d)None of these

Q 4 Which features are included in CPU?

(a) Control Unit

(b) ALU


(d)All Above


Q 5 which one is an online Input Device ?

(a) Mouse

(b) Keyboard

(c)Light Pen

(d) Joystick


Q 6 Which one is an offline Input Device?

(a) Key se Punch card

(b) Key se Tap Card

(c) 1or 2

(d)None of these


Q 7 Which feature comes in Dot Matrix printer?

(a) it Comes with 82 columns and 132 columns

(b) Less expenses

(c) Slow speed

(d)All Above


Q 8 How much the maximum storage space in a DVD?

(a) 16 Gb

(b) 17 Gb

(c)19 Gb

(d)14 Gb


Q 9 What is the full form of ALU?

(a) Arithmetic logic unit

(b) ) Alphabetic logic unit

(c) ) Application logic unit

(d)None of these


Q 10 Every processing of computer goes first in which part of CPU?

(a) Memory

(b) Mother board

(c) Hard drive

(d)none of these


Q 11Which arrangement is right?


(b) GB –TB-MB-KB




Q 12 According to the main uses how many type of Computers?

(a) 5





Q 13 which one is the fastest computer?

(a) Micro computer

(b) Main frame computer

(c) Super computer

(d) Work station


Q 14 what is the full form MICR?

(a) Magnetic Inc corrector Recognition

(b) Magnetic Intelligence corrector Recognition

(c) Magnetic information corrector Recognition

(d)None of these


Q 15 Servers are attached with?

(a) Network


(c) Super computer

(d)None of thess


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