Computer Questions For IBPS Exam 2015

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Computer Questions For IBPS Exam 2015

Q 1 What is the full-form of LAN ? 

(a)  Local ares network

(b) Long ares network

(c) Lengthy ares network

(d) Light ares network

Q 2 Computer which are connected through LAN-

(a)  Share Information

(b)  E-mail

(c)  Do task fast

(d) Do task slowly

Q 3 Who is the founder of facebook ?

(a) Bill Gates

(b) Mark Zuckerberg

(c) Sundar Pichai

(d)  S. Timman

Q 4 Which is not the feature of Networking?

(a)  Bigger storage space

(b)  All are true

(c)  Connectivity

(d)  Reliability

 Q 5 Which one is not true?

(a)  Chatting can be only with two persons

(b) A big number of people can be connect with chat

(c)  Chatting is an electronic communication

(d)  Chatting is like E-mail

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Q 6 Which one is not a kind of hardware? 

(a)  Program

(b) Scanner

(c)  Mouse

(d)  Monitor

Q 7  To select a content which keys will use ?

(a) Ctrl+B

(b) Ctrl+F

(c) Ctrl+C

(d)  Ctrl+A

Q 9 To connect a computer with a communication system is called-

(a)  Paring

(b) Networking

(c) Internet

(d)  Sharing

Q 10 Which is a wireless device ?

(a) Land line

(b) Internet

(c) cell-phone

(d)  Cable TV

Q 11 What is full form of FTP?

(a) File text protocol

(b) File typing protocol

(c) File translator  protocol

(d)  File transfer  protocol

Q 12 How much the length of Internet address? 

(a) 16 bit

(b) 26 bit

(c) 32 bit

(d)  64 bit

Q 13 What is Google?

(a) Social Site

(b) Search Engine

(c)  software

(d)  Server

Q 14  What is the full form of USB ?

(a) Universal Series  Bus

(b) Universal Serial Bus
(c) Unchanged  Serial Bus

(d)   Universal single  Bus

Q 15  What is the full form of PDF ?

(a) permanent Document Format

(b)  protocol Document Format

(c) Portable Document Format

(d) Portable Document Formula


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