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It is always said “Do what you love” unfortunately most of us don’t obey this when it comes to JOBS or I must say MONEY .

For some of them jobs are equivalent to money but if you really believe that job is not only about money but it says about you than you have landed at the right place.Read on further to explore some of the coolest jobs in India waiting for you.


We all love Bollywood what if you become one of them?You have to wear good clothes,look good and write about the latest news of Bollywood like latest linkups , breakups , latest releases and cover stories ,gossips and juicy scandals.

BASIC SKILLS NEEDED: Excellent writing skills and communicating skills,passionate about movies that is you must breathe Bollywood.


Today there are number of people who are travel presenter and have their own shows. For eg. Malishka in It happens only in India  which was first aired in 2009 at FOX traveler became instantly popular . If you just love to travel then this is your call.All you need is a curious soul,a laptop and a camera to click photos.

BASIC SKILLS NEEDED : Clear voice, self confidence,ability to work calmly under stress,good communicating skills and some photography skills.


Now everybody loves good food but to be good Food Writer you have to be passionate about food . All you need to do is write about food that is you need to combine your two passions that is food and writing.

BASIC SKILLS NEEDED: Professional writer, passionate about food and just check this LINK.


Now shopaholics can shop and for that you are paid too!!! This trend is gradually becoming popular because of number of brands gaining momentum in Indian market. For eg.Kiran Fernandes is one of the mystery shopper in India.

A mystery shopping assignment can be telephone call,email,letter,website survey,face to face visit or home visit.

Mumbai has many Mystery Shoppers who shops without informing the store about his or her intentions.Then they submit a cover file which contains some objective questions about their experience while shopping.For this you get paid……

BASIC SKILLS NEEDED: Good memory, observation and writing skills,needs to be committed , able to work to strict or tight deadlines ,be enthusiastic and reliable.


This job gain popularity with the video games becoming a part of every Indian family.The people who are crazy about video games ,this is your dream job.The companies before launching its video games test them and their levels. So all you need to do is play video games as much as you want in its developing stage and make it public when it is ready .

BASIC SKILLS NEEDED: Patience,good communicating skills,knowledge of all the different video game platform, excellent hand-eye coordination to navigate through GAMES.


Most of us when hear the word CORPORATE we imagine a person full of stress and deadlines. But being a corporate teacher means teaching adults and taking sessions and making it more interactive and interesting.

BASIC SKILLS NEEDED: Excellent communicating skills,teaching skills,logical mind.


Fitness trainers lead,instruct and motivate individuals or group in exercise activities.If you are crazy about health and fitness then this may be your call!!!

All you need to do is instruct,inspire and help people to be fit.Who knows you end up being a celebrity personal trainer and making money by making people fit!!!

BASIC SKILLS NEEDED: Patience, motivator,easily socalise with people  and  check this LINK  .

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  1. Sagar Tripathy says:

    Nowadays people mostly prefere social its really a nyc n effective platform for those who wants a better profile of jobs as per their reqirements…

  2. Arpita Sardar says:

    After compliting graduation People who are looking for a job I think this news will be really helpful for them.. Bcoz they can get all the information related to different types of job in different fields along with basic required skills…

  3. Dinesh Tripathi says:

    Good attempt……….
    i feel agr aapki job aapka passion he, den u cn really reach miles in dat field!!!!!!!!!

  4. Devesh Tripathi says:

    fantastic wrk akanksha…..
    it will definately be a big help to most of our country’s confused youth!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dinesh says:

    This article clearly shows the opportunities available in this society for everyone

    The think is you have provide details for almost all kind of graduates i hope this may help person who have confuse to take jobs

  6. Shreya gupta says:

    I am happy to see the jobs mentioned here. I was really not aware of all these jobs .
    Actually i should say the most coolest jobs . All should go through this article.
    Really a good attempt.

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