Corporate Leadership Development Programs through MBA

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Corporate Leadership Development Programs are at the heart of MBA life. To make tough corporate leaders the training which is proposed over and above, the knowledge domain of MBA will be physical, Emotional, stress management and human centric. This program offers today’s leaders comprehensive training and mastery in the Six Key Leadership Zones, which form the foundation of modern business success. These Six Key Leadership Zones consist of the following areas of business acumen:

Six key leadership zone

  • Society
  • Reflection
  • Ingenuity
  • Diversity
  • Business
  • People

The Global scenario has started tickling towards progress in 2013, where placements have started picking up from recession hit 2011-12 and people are talking about India becoming leading economy by 2030 leaving behind US, China and Japan.

Now the question is- “Can we do it?” and the answer is “Yes, why not”. But there are many challenges to be addressed like-

  • Unemployment,
  • Poverty,
  • Education,
  • Health,
  • Security,
  • Stable government to name a few.

But with the passion, commitment and knowledge base India can and will dominate the time to come.

Need of Corporate Leadership Development:

Many recruiters when they visit Campuses for placement do not find the human resources which they expect. Students lack in knowledge, communications and basic skills, etiquette and manners, personality bearing, dressing attire, culture and above all adaptability adjustments. These all are not taught with 3R’s i.e. Reading, writing and arithmetic’s and the subjects of MBA classes.

Necessecity of Corporate Leadership Development Program

Why Corporate Leadership Development?

Companies are ready to pay big money but want corporate commandos who are always ready to take various corporate challenges like marketing in odd hours at odd places, arranging finances, innovating tactics for financial markets, selecting and training to their best, putting their heart, souls and body for achieving results within the boundaries of values and ethics. Companies are ready to recruit people with best of the abilities and attitude which will come with knowledge and physically fitness along with balanced thinking.

Therefore, a concept of MBA Corporate Leader / residential was carved to support the mission 2030 where in perfect managers are provided to make the dream come true. Emphasis will be on health and proper food, aggressive attitude, team work, leadership and various aspects of business and industrial curriculum.

Why it should be through MBA?

Corporate Leadership Development Programs are at the heart of MBA life. To make tough corporate leaders the training which is proposed over and above, the knowledge domain of MBA will be physical, Emotional, stress management and human centric. If the people will sweat during physical exercises like jogging, gymnasium, yoga, swimming, games and sports, they will become physically strong and work even eighteen hours a day. The emphasis will be on –

Why Corporate Leadership Development Program should be through MBA?

  • Business news,
  • Business news analysis,
  • The bear and bull story of stock exchange,
  • Communication skills (voice and accent training),
  • Manners and etiquette,
  • Values and ethics

All the above mentioned features will be added to the curriculum of MBA to critically produce a corporate manager. Case studies, visual studies and research based study programs will add flavor to groom a human being, to be corporate leader for mission 2030. The MBA students in Corporate Leader / residential program will be subjected to flexi timing culture giving a glimpse of work life or corporate culture. Tracking, expedition, adventure, tours, mountaineering, skiing will built confidence and ever ready attitude among the residential MBA students. MBA Corporate Leader / residential students will be trained through –

  • Application oriented knowledge sharing pedagogy
  • Through the world renowned business leaders
  • Industrialists, corporate leaders, defense officers

With an aim to bridge industry academia gap.

Procedure of Corporate Leadership Development Programs through MBA:

The so called cc’s i.e. corporate; commandos will have one year work experience along with academic degree. As they will be put to work in different industries for six to eight hours daily for eight months in their last year where they can be paid per month during training. Our corporate leaders so trained through MBA residential will get practical grooming, mentoring and guidance from their industrialist gurus, making them a force to reckon withProcedure of Corporate Leadership Development Programs and dominate the industrial scene of not only Punjab (north India) but a business leader for the whole world. The corporate students so trained will automatically be a sort after human resource by the multinationals. An annual package of around five lakhs will not be constraints for these corporate leaders produced through rigorous training and curriculum of MBA Corporate Leader / residential. The only constraint is that the student will have to stay at either the academic campus or the industry campus 24/7 and willing to undertake the training from five thirty in morning till ten thirty in the evening with a rest of one hour in afternoon for 24X7 even on Saturdays and Sundays. Many would have thought about this concept but we at Management Institutes under the flagship of Punjab Technical University powered by our Vice Chancellor Dr. Rajneesh Arora and propelled by Dr. Sanjay Bahl owe to the society, industry and nation and will implement the concept of Corporate Leader MBA in all spirits to see that MBA’s nurtured by us  command and control various businesses in all corners of world for peace and prosperity throughout the globe.

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  1. arpitasardar25 says:

    To develop one’s personality this step will help them a lot. Special thanks to Dr. Rajneesh Arora and Dr. Sanjay Bahl who have taken this step for our society, for our youth generation to make them smart enough and industrialist by nature. Great contribution. Thank you so much sir.

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