Corruption is a Necessary Evil for Success in Any Sphere !!!!!

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Whenever I think of our developing India, a question that haunts me is “Will I be able to visualize a vivid, corruption-free and self-reliable INDIA. ?

My question remains unanswered many times but in due course of time I came to know of several facts that depict the helpless conditions of a common man. Though he is clever enough, he would not get a seat in a renowned college or university. Though he is eligible, he would be thrown out of the interview session ruthlessly. Only reason behind all these scornful situations being faced by a common man is. MONEY.

“Money”, as said by a scholar, it is the root cause of all kinds of troubles and sins. But, now-a-days, we see a lush green abundance of this money in each and every corner of this world. Its not an exaggeration to say that it’s being worshiped as God and has been growing incredibly swaying its wings to all departments to be taken as, what we call. , bribe.

If you want to study in a famous college, you need to pay bribe. If you want to settle in a good job, you have to pay some money. If you have to register your land or building, bribe. If you want to make your things done in a government office even, bribe. To get your ration rice also, pay bribe. , bribe. , bribe. , everywhere corruption.

From where our common man will fetch all that money to distribute among these human predators? He’s being harassed socially, politically, morally and in all possible ways. Of course!

Today bribe is more powerful than knowledge, more powerful than wisdom, more powerful than degrees. As we can buy all of these with money. If we grease one’s palms, nothing can be said impossible.

It’s proved statistically in a report that 1.4 trillion dollars have been stored in Swiss bank by our Indian bigwigs. What a Gandhian homeland? Are we not very well-known of 2G spectrum scam, mining scandal in karnataka and “cash for vote” schemes? It’s only our pride to say that we are placed 2nd in world population records. But it’s heartbreaking for me to agree that more than half of the people are crying and begging on roads just for their food. Then what about their daily needs? Why to go so far beyond our age? Just see how many children are being malnourished everyday in our village and observe their routine for one day in their slum. I do not really understand why this situation has raised in-spite of having a well-defined constitution and highly educated economists as our finance ministers. I’m not criticizing them. But my thoughts went on like that.

And because of this corrupted society, common man is being deprived of all basic needs of living and this would certainly have a disastrous effect on a country’s economy as well as its progress. It may also be the reason for brain drain. On the other hand, INDIA is falling into the hands of greedy uneducated politicians who buy votes with an intention of increasing their income vigorously. From decades, this is being done. But in future I don’t want this to be done. !

Yes. ! We are yesterday’s children and of course, today’s citizens. We should inculcate responsible nature from now itself and keep ourselves away from this evil practice. We should play a pious role in moulding this country into a PRISTINE world that’s free from all kinds of discriminations and corruption harassments. It’s not only my dream but millions of people are waiting from centuries and centuries to see India as all-round developed country.

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4 Responses to Corruption is a Necessary Evil for Success in Any Sphere !!!!!

  1. Miss Kritodhee Lahiri says:

    Corruption is a necessary evil, logic infavour of the notion

  2. Miss Kritodhee Lahiri says:

    Corruption is a necessary evil, logic infavour of the notion

  3. Miss Kritodhee Lahiri says:

    Corruption is a necessary evil, logic infavour of the notion

  4. aratrika sengupta says:

    To sum it up, hypocrisy compounds the offence, but our ministers, politicians and officials are getting thick-skinned; it is all a way of life, a routine, and hence may be described as unavoidable and a disease that is incurable. After all, when there is graft, deception and bribery, on a small or big scale at every step—in the administration, in the educational sphere, in legislatures and even, it is believed, in religious institutions—what is the relatively honest person to do but to fall in line?
    Don’t we also bribe the gods with gifts of all sorts, so-runs another argument. Promises and oaths of honesty are soon forgotten, and the norms return again. These norms are palm-greasing, extortion by politicians from industrialists, by inspectors from shopkeepers, by officials and clerks from the public and by everybody from everybody else, even for small favours and the vicious circle remains.

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