Cyber Security Courses In India

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This article tells you about the short description of cyber attacks and also about the cyber security courses in India.

Cyber Security Courses In India

According to the latest report given by the Internet Crime Complaint Center of the UNITED STATES that India comes in the top 5th rank country among world reporting maximum number of  cyber crime.

cyber security

Cyber Security

India becomes the most contributing to major spam generation. As technology is growing at vary fast rate cyber security becomes a big issue , Hackers are accessing debit card, credit card and other financial information through computers. with the growth in 3G services and business transactions using networking increase the cyber crime. The risk of information theft has become a major concern in the few last years.

This all shows the growing importance of cyber security in the Information Technology landscape. The WWW (world wide web) and global Internet have added new dimension handle computer . C-DAC (Center for Development and Advance Computing) has been actively pursuing the Research and Development in number of aspects of cyber security.

Now in India cyber security courses are provided to handle the cyber crime and reduced India rank in cyber crimes.

List of Cyber Attacks which are usually happened:

Trojan , Bot net , Virus , Dialer , Worms , Dropper , Spyware , Keylogger , Ad ware , Backdoor , Webbits , Exploit , Fake AV , Phishing , Cookies , Blue jacking , Boot-sector , DDoS , Bluenarfing , Browser Hijackers , Chain Letters , Virus Document , Mousetrapping , Obfuscated Spam , Pharming , Crime-ware , SQL Injections

List of Cyber Security Courses In India

Following are the courses which are doing to perform cyber security to above mention attacks.

  • SCADA Security



  • E-Security Algorithmic and Computational Challenges
    E security

    E Security

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention


  • Smart Grid Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Web Security
  • Cloud Security
    cloud security

    Cloud Security

  • Bio metrics
  • Malware Analysis and Prevention
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Honey-net Technologies
    Honey pot


  • End-Point Security

The research on cyber Security courses in india has been conducted by to find the cyber security courses offers by India on 3rd June 2014 , but we suggest all the students , parents and stake holders to confirm about more best courses as by the time. You can verify by mailing us at

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6 Responses to Cyber Security Courses In India

  1. Sunidhi says:

    Hey! I am a BTECH CSE graduate and I am interested in doing professional course in Cyber Security but I am unable to figure out that from where should I start. During my graduation I was more into Java and Android. I have not done much related to networking field. So will it be worthy to go into Cyber Security field? Also, which course should I go for?

  2. pounraj says:

    i want to study cyber security in india please help me

  3. pounraj says:

    bsc computer science(persuving) ware to study for cbi cyber security please help me

  4. swati malla says:

    This is very good as cyber crime has spoiled the life of 1000’s of people.So with the help of cyber security further these cases can be stopped.

  5. reetika srivastava says:

    India ranks fifth among reporting cyber crimes.So there is a great demand for cyber security. Above mentioned are the cyber security courses with all information in detail.

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