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This article lets you know about the distance learning and also about the distance learning courses in a short description

Introduction to Distance Learning Courses

Distance learning an important two word phrase which is not complete when standing alone.Distance From far of place , where communication is not face to face and second is Learning Knowledge enhancement.These two words together made it Distance Learning.

Earlier students use to go to far of places in search of learning as great teachers use to be at distant places but with time Learning became more convenient and like earlier days when Kings son like Lord Rama had to go to different teachers far of from his palace in search of knowledge or learning , today Learning comes to us , Inform of colleges & schools it came closer to us with time and now internet has brought it at our hand , but before internet Distance learning had actually started inform of letter communication and proved to be nice ,methodology where education could not reach uptill now may be because of following reasons.

Distance learning

Distance learning courses

1. Lack of time : Due to Job or other activities

2. Lack of money: Distance learning is also a cheaper way of getting educated due to  less direct involvement of physical teacher.

Today Distance learning education has become solution of all educational problems

Distance learning courses in India has been divided in two types of universities.

1. Universities like IGNOU , Symbiosis , Lovely Professional , LPU , IMT  where a student has to complete his/her entire course and go through stringent examination process to pass. Passing percentage in these distance learning colleges are very low. For example on an average passing percentage ratio from IGNOU courses is about 30 % where as in case of MBA at IMT it is as low as 15%. Distance learning courses from these universities which forces student to study like a regular college makes it difficult for Job going people and Home makers who wish to study as a part time. But taking classes from study centers or coaching centers help students in there semester exams

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Type 2: 

b. KSOU: Karnatka State open University
c. MGU : Mahatma Gandhi University

These university can offer you degree in 6 months , they take your admission in back date or get your all exam conducted in one go. You get passing marks as well . Here you get all facilities till you pay. Although these degrees are  also equally validated by UGC but as a student one needs to understand , to whom they are dealing with as , it has become a general precedent by consultants to just give printed Marksheet to student , which does not have any record in any university. Recently a similar news about EIILM university had been very popular in News.

Although general fee structure is same in most of colleges like Rs 40,000 for Post graduation or MBA degree and Rs 32000 for graduation degree and if some one is charging you less then, I would suggest better confirm.

To check for details on distance learning courses.

You can also arrange a meeting for career counselling with qualified career counselors from eminent background to know more details visit our career counselling blog

Although we have tried to bring Distance learning courses through oureducation research and this research is conducted in November 2017 but by the time you decide to take decision in Distance learning courses, teachers and management of coaching may change so for updated information please mail with contact number ( your number is safe with us) at our email id 

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38 Responses to Distance learning courses

  1. MBA Distance Education says:

    Distance learning courses are really helpful for working professionals and also for regular students. MIT School of Distance Education institute in India based out of Pune is one of the reputed college for correspondence two-year PG Diploma courses in management equivalent to Online MBA.

  2. Distance learning says:

    Distance learning is really helpful for all students and also for employ.

  3. sahil jangid says:

    Distance Learning MBA is a 2-year degree program that prepares students for senior management roles in an organization. Distance learning MBA is currently the most popular professional degree program in the world. The course helps students understand the elements of business like organizing, planning, controlling and staffing.

    * Benefits of Distance Learning MBA over Regular MBA
    1) Cost of the course is much lesser than regular
    2) No need to go to college to attend classes regularly
    3) Study as per your comfort
    4) Furthermore, You can also keep earning while learning

  4. Sony kashyap says:

    Really this blog “Distance learning courses” is good and very helpful for those students who want complete his degree from any where.

  5. Piyush Gautam says:

    MBA/PGDM from top 10 ranking Institute providing 2 years management curriculum for working professionals with physical lectures and 100% placement assistance.

    Please contact:

    Piyush- 9711638760

  6. Sushil Kumar says:

    INSTITUTE providing 1 Year Graduation( breaking Study) distance education courses ph.d b.ed mba, bba, bca, mca, call @

    • Kavita says:

      MIBM Global has been an undisputed
      distinctive leader in Online Graduation & Management courses all over India
      for several years imparting quality education and meeting the International
      standards. MIBM Global offers various Graduation & Post Graduation
      Programme from universities like Manav Bharti (Regular), Monard University (Regular),
      Vinayaka Mission (Regular), Allahabad Agriculture University & Karnataka
      University (Distant learning). These programmes are best suited for Students
      & Work professionals understanding their time shortage and the eagerness to
      better in their career.

      We at MIBM Global have a list of
      quality certification programmes offering MBA, and fast track certification
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      MIBM Global has membership and accreditation of various
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      MIBM Global is approved &
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      MIBM Global is ISO 9001:2008 certified which understand the
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      MIBM Global is approved &
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      Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

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  7. Olivia Jennifer says:

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  8. Niladri Varma says:

    Apart from these mentioned universities there are several other institutes and
    colleges offer distance learning MBA courses in India. But we should research online about. Distance courses are the best options for working professionals to gain knowledge without taking break from the work.You can also check out the link for distance course in india –

  9. Amir Kumar Das says:

    Now days Distance learning courses are more preferred not only due to its easy balance with the job and study but due to affordable price too. Usually their classes are also scheduled on holidays so that any working person can easily attend those classes. Besides their study materials are the best. They also provide sufficient time limit to complete the course, for example- IGNOU provides 8 year of duration to complete MBA which is hardly 2-3 years in other universities providing regular courses. So distance learning programs are excellent way to carry out studies along with job which will provide great carrier moves ahead.

  10. Rishu Goel says:

    Distance learning…The advancement in the education…This post contains the complete information about the distance learning education…

  11. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    Distance education is by far the best possible option for a busy life we lead now a days. Especially it caters to the need of the students who haven’t been able to complete their desired course in academics due their own personal problems whatsoever and now have ample time and means to pursue their education. Most of the times due to financial crisis many students are compelled to leave studies and earn a living to help support their families. Distance education is the best solution to such working students due to its flexible schedules. To know more you got to read this article.

  12. Aratrika Sengupta says:

    The simplicity of their teaching methods is what intrigues the most. To make very difficult subject sound like ABC is the beauty of Distance learning. This is possible with the aids of video and picturisation. Thus distance learning stands out to be one among the necessities in learning sphere recently. To get yourself updated more, you can follow this article.

  13. Atif Pall says:

    Distance education is a medium to deliver education and instruction, often on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present in a traditional setting such as a classroom. There can be many reasons by different people for not being able to get an admission in a college for their education but with distance education everything has now become easy and convenient.The article above is a useful piece of information for the candidates who are willing to get education right at their door steps.

  14. Rohit Kumar says:

    Distance learning is very helpful for them who can not continue a full time course but want to get a degree. I think Distance Education is a very good way of accessing proper education even if the person is bound to some kind of duties and tasks like jobs, deficiency of proper time and money, etc.The fee struicture of distance education is same as compared to regular courses.

  15. Kriti Das says:

    Distance learning is the flavour of the season right now.Many of us are moving towards distance education for a number of factors like it is convenient and cheap.This article covers every aspect of distance education and throws light on the major open universities providing various degrees through distance education.

  16. Pallavi sinha says:

    Distance learning courses has a number of cons and pros.
    Cons are that it will reduce seriousness towards the subject or material and also an individual may be loose it’s interest.
    Pros are that in this era of globalization, poverty and competition every one needs to handle and manage time according to its enormous number of works thus an individual is able to got a desired degree by sitting home itself and it is also much more beneficial for them those who are physically disabled.

  17. Shilpa Ranjan says:

    Studies has no limitations even if you are doing job and interested for higher studies with continuing your job then distance learning course is best option for you.This post provides you full information regarding theses courses types and other related information.Go through the post this can be useful !!!
    one of the advantage of distance education is that it will cost you very less as compared to regular courses!!!

  18. Shilpa Ranjan says:

    Studies has no limitations even if you are doing job and interested for higher studies with continuing your job then distance learning course is best option for you.This post provides you full information regarding theses courses types and other related information.Go through the post this can be useful !!!

  19. patlakshi Jha says:

    Distance learning has now a days has brought about a new revolution in the field of education. These has really helpful for the ones who do not have proper time to attend the classes.

  20. preeti nisha says:

    Distance learning courses are a best option for anyone interested in doing courses sitting at their home or even if they want to learn something in part time without doing any class room studies. This post provides valuable information to one looking for distance education courses and gives its complete details. A must read for all of them.

  21. Gourav Jain says:

    In today’s world were distances are being minimized so are the boundaries limiting education are being broken down every day by the fashion of distance learning. It is one of the best option for those like working people as well as housewife.

  22. Shilpi Saksena says:

    Distance learning is a very good form of education for the house wives or for all the people who are in jobs and stilll want to have more education.
    This will really help a lot..

    • Deepshikha Bisaria says:

      Distance Learning Program is a very different form of gaining education yet a very effective one. This program can help people of every age, from any sector and people from anywhere.

      This is an education pattern in which people can study from their home, office. People while working can get a degree. Housewives can study from their homes. And those students whose parents cannot afford to send them out can also complete their degree from home with full satisfaction. This is a good step towards a new pattern of education and students must avail it.

  23. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    Distance education is one of new introduction towards the good study. Those who are working in a job or those who have some problem to take the direct courses, distance learning courses are the new horizon for them. And the above article gives the entire situation of this course. So go for it..

  24. shreya sarkar says:

    Distance learning is really an upcoming method of learning nowadays. Those who cannot leave their jobs or family or those who do not have a very strong financial background can certainly go for this programme.

  25. Chandreyee Ghosh says:

    Distance learning is very helpful for them who can not continue a full time course but want to get the degree.There are many open universities and this can be very helpful to do distance course. There is also facilities of online exam and online tuition, these are really less time consuming. So,who want to do a distance course should go through this article,as it will give them a clear idea about distance learning.

  26. Barun kumar singh says:

    Distance learning program is quite helpful for those who want to pursue a degree but he/she is not able to the go for long distance or go for full time classes.Distance learning courses offers online classes with the timing of your preference, online test exams which cane be done at your home place.

  27. Amit Kumar says:

    Supporting your family financially? Looking after someone at home? Cant afford to live in metros? Well then if you have a strong appetite for studies, you can always say NO to such crucial hurdles. The idea of Distance Learning sorts out all these problems in one go. Just register for your desired courses today and start increasing weighs on your CV. Many national universities like IGNOU and Sikkim Manipal Universities provides a variety of courses to meet up your favorite area of specializations. Look up to this article and you will come to know a lot more.

  28. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    Distance Learning is really excellent thought for continue the education it means if the person is not able to continue their study and they have some issue regarding education in different state so they can continue their study via. Distance Learning Program. If a person doing his/her work it means they are in job and they want to study further but they don’t have time for going college and invest so much time on that so they choose Distance Learning Course for complete their education.

  29. ARPIT TARAN says:

    Distance learning courses are good for those who are doing job side by side learning any courses. Distance learning provide easier way through communication over internet. Two types of distance learning are done over here one offered by IGNOU universities and other by different universities. So for those who wants to pursue distance courses they can go through this article. But the fee structure of distance learning is same as the regular course, it may vary from university to university. But always have a look on the study material and contents which you are going to study by distance learning courses.

  30. debanki mukherjee says:

    Keeping in mind the population of India , the number of eligible bachelors is increasing day by day and so does the competition . The number of seats available in colleges is too less. So distance education concept will work for those eligible bachelors who want to complete their education for their better future.This article clearly describes about distance education.

  31. Richa Sinha says:

    Distance learning course crosses all the barriers of space and provides education to the students hungry for it. It is a very good alternative and makes sure that kilometres do not hamper the facility of acquiring knowledge.

  32. Vipin Sahu says:

    This post have complete information regarding Distance learning program with list of top universities.Today so many students are joining distance learning programs so this post helps you al lot by reading this post.

  33. SHRUTI PRIYA says:

    Education is the medium that enhances your overall personality and development…. but may be due to any reason you are not able to attend the regular classes so you can go for DISTANCE LEARNING PROGAM…. In this case also you need to check the best.So don’t waste your money first consult and then go for it….!!!!

  34. SANJANA KUMARI says:

    Education is one of the basic needs of a developing society. Without proper education a society can never have a proper development . Like food, clothes and shelter, Education is also one of the primary requirements for survival. I think Distance Education is a very good way of accessing proper education even if the person is bound to some kind of duties and tasks like jobs, deficiency of proper time and money, etc.

  35. Oishi Chatterjee says:

    In a country like India, where a basic graduation degree is mandatory to get a decent job,
    where the number of aspiring students exceeds the number of college seats available by an obscenely high number,distance learning is the best choice to learn.

  36. Rashmi Rani says:

    This is really an issue of concern as distance learning is attracting people from different domains…… only the advantages of these courses are being reflected by the colleges but i guess everyone is concerned about their career so first one should confirm all the details about these programs and then get admitted to it…

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