Do Beauty and Brains go together.

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Beauty and Brains are the two things that command this world today, will someone disagree! The world has been updating every day, both beauty and brains do the same. To say very clearly these both beauty and brains can’t be explained very clearly and has no definitions. It’s up to the person who look upon certain things.

For a mother her child looks beautiful than anything in this world, for a father his child is brainy than anyone and for a poet everything he see is beautiful, he describes it as poem. Brain is the intangible asset which everyone should have, but sometime many a things hide this asset and make us barbarians. Brain is a thing for which everyone have their own definition, a scientist explain brain with intelligence quotient (IQ).

A teacher looks brain with the mark a student scores in an examination. A layman will say that the scientist and teachers is the brainy people in this world. Beauty is considered as an external thing while the brain is internal , these both play a vital role in one’s self-confident. If someone has these both B’s in right proportion they know where to use beauty and brain. Nowadays these both B’s have major contribution in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

The main segment in FMCG is the products to enhance beauty and brain quotient level. But the reality which everyone know is “The one and only way to enhance beauty without spending money is just a smiling face and for the brain is to groom themselves”. As a comparative study the beauty is a diminishing asset while brain is the intangible asset which has no depreciation , it’s gets value added day by day through update of current affairs and logical reasoning .

Though these two B’s grab same importance, Brains has slight edge over the beauty.

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14 Responses to Do Beauty and Brains go together.

  1. Vipin Sahu says:

    Brain and Beauty are entirely separate things.Both brain and beauty are the fruits as brain is inner sweet fruit and beauty is outer skin of the fruit.But when it comes to comparison brain can do well but beauty alone cannot be successded.The best example for that is Beauty contest also involves brain competition round but there is round in any of the brain test which requires beauty.

  2. Well if we talk about beauty and brain so i just want to say this two thing having different identity.
    If someone have good beauty people praise them and we were really comfortable by that person but if that person only have a beauty but there is no intelligence so that beauty is like bizarre.
    And if a person having good intellectual so people really likes that person but here also same it will also no longer time people like that person because of his/her beauty. I am just believe that if person is good in his/her brain a always having a nice smile on there face so they dont need any type of beauty.
    But if the beauty and brain will combine in someone so that person will we in an good place.

  3. ARPIT TARAN says:

    Definitely beauty and brain go together, in this world their are various kinds of people and they have their own way of living, thinking, analyser. So by all this he/she manage both the things at a time. But their are some cases when they beauty but no brains.

  4. Rashmi Rani says:

    Well this is really a very interesting topic to debate on. And if you are clear about the topic you can speak on this confidently. I personally faced a group discussion with this topic and even the invigilator was involved in our discussion. In my point of view BEAUTY AND BRAINS both are required for success as one is the asset for the other. But they must go parallely and one should not be preferred over other.

  5. SHRUTI PRIYA says:

    BEAUTY AND BRAINS are the two different sides of the same coin. It moves parallelly. It just changes from stage to stage. Some times internal is required and some time external beauty. Combination of BEAUTY AT HEART AND BRAINS is PERFECT. so it depends on people how they use.

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