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In India very few people are aware of Combat sports.If people will know about these sports then there are chances that Indians will master these sports and will participate in different competition all over the world.In India there is a lack of proper training.Many of us are not aware of the facts like what are these sports and from where it is originated.


Fighting sports,which had their origins in ancient Greece,developed in different ways.Judo and the other martial arts,such as karate,kung-fu,taekwondo and aikido evolved in the east as a way of life or connected with religion.Only since the 1950s have their secrets become known in the west and their popularity as sports spread.The chief Western combat sports are boxing,wrestling and fencing.These have eastern counterparts -kick boxing,sumo and kendo respectively.

Sports like Judo , Fencing are vanishing day by day.


Judo means “the gentle way”,and players try to use their opponent’s weight and strenght against them.Players can use more than 40 recognized throws to put their opponent on their back.Or,in groundwork they try to pin their opponent’s back on the mat with a hold.In competition , a referee awards points for throws and holds.


Boxers fight in a raised,square “ring” bounded by ropes.Amateur boxing is staged over 3 three-minute rounds.Professional fights last up to 12 rounds(15 in title fights).Fights may be won by a knock out,by the referee stopping the fight, or on points.

India is taking the training of boxing seriously as a result we are getting great successes in Olympic and common wealth games and bringing medals.Some are

combat Sports

combat Sports

Vijender Singh Beniwal is an Indian Olympic boxer

Jitender Kumar is an Indian flyweight boxer



combat sports

combat sports

In Fencing,points are scored by registering “hits” on the opponents target areas.

combat Sports

combat Sports

These varies according to the weapon used:

The upper body including the arms for a SABRE.
The trunk only for the FOIL
The whole body for an EPEE.
A bouts lasts until one player has scored the agreed number of hits or the time limit has been reached.

Other combat sports

Karate- It means “empty hands”.In karate one can use kicks and strikes by the hands,elbows and heads.
Kendo-It pays tribute to the samurai fighters of feudal times.”swords” are bamboo sticks.

These type of sports should be encouraged in India and Government should open different institutions for training purpose.Sports are very necessary in everyone’s life to maintain the strength of the body.Schools should also give proper knowledge about these sports and should encourage the students.


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