Education v/s Literacy

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Education v/s Literacy

A man, on such a high post, acquired ample of degrees, living a lavish life. In a nutshell, ”highly literate”. But, does that mean he is “highly educated”?? Let us know the difference. Educated are always literate but  literate are not always educated.

Right from our childhood, we are been taught to read, to write, to understand. No doubt, we are literate. For being educated, our understandability, our application of ideas, our thoughts, should be in an appropriate direction.

One can also be educated, without being literate. What matters is “awareness”.Awareness comes through knowledge. If one is educated , he need not have to prove his literacy. Literacy teaches us “how” to read and write and education teaches us “what” to read and write. Literacy is akin to “formal education”, which we all learn in our school, colleges and acquire degrees, but education is what we learn through experience. Experience is our teacher which makes us educated in real sense, no matter how much we are literate.

India, now coming under the bracket of developed country, has a high literacy rate in the present scenario. But, is there also the growth in education??Unfortunately, ”NO”. The education rate is simultaneously dwindling. India, giving birth to N number of  skillful people, graduates, managers who lack in ethics, broadened vision and “skills” in real sense.

We are all blessed with certain ideas, extraordinary skills, leadership qualities. These leadership qualities, these skills, should be utilized for the well being and betterment of the organization. These should never be misused. We  can see many of them get involved in unethical practices, their leadership skills takes the shape of arrogance, they hardly use there “ literacy”  in a right way and hence, according to me, are called ”UNEDUCATED LITERATES”.

Therefore, be educated, not “just” literate, as education remains forever with us where ever we go and literacy remains just on a piece of paper.

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9 Responses to Education v/s Literacy

  1. ZEESHAN says:

    Being educated is more important than being literate

  2. Priyanka Sarkar says:

    In this 21st century in colleges,universities and the educational institutions are giving birth to thousands and lakhs of doctors, engineers, teachers, proffesors and many more so called highly educated persons.But a big question arises here ,are this all literate persons are rightly educated in the truest sense of the term?For example when we open the early morning newspaper we find that those who are involved in the most notorious antisocial activities are mostly high educated persons such as Osama,Kisanji etc.But persons like Rabindranath Tagore were not highly literate,he did not went through the conventional schools and colleges but could observe life and nature very closely and correctly,he was aware of many many misterios of nature,so he was highly educated ,on the other hand the notorious person wrecking havoc to the world cannot be called truly educated.So there is a certain focuses on harmonius development of mind and physque,it generates a complete man-who possesses all the virtues and serves his fellow beings .So all the educated persons are literate person but all the literatepersons are not educated.

  3. Chandreyee Ghosh says:

    Literacy is just the ability of reading and writing. but it differs from
    education. One who is literate may be educated or not. Because education
    is not only about academic qualification.It also includes social education.
    One who is academically qualified and also socially groomed can
    be addressed as educated person. Actually the social awareness is much more needed
    than a bunch of degrees for being educated.So literacy and education is not synonymous at all. Literacy is much more easier to achieve than education.

  4. Sayanti Banerjee says:

    BEING literate is that you have knowledge about the things but being educated is that you know things with its true essence and importance.For a cultured society educated people are needed because literacy can only show the way to live but education shows the right way to live…..

  5. Piyali Chattaraj says:

    There are lots of literate people in our country but are they really educated?Only getting degrees does not make a person educated.Literacy means to acquire skills and education says how and where to apply that.

  6. Priyanka Baidya says:

    Education means to acquire knowledge to enhance one’s ability to reason and make sound judgement.
    Literacy is simply means to able to write and read.
    So,education means to learn and literacy means to be educated.
    Therefore one can be educated but not literate but one can not be literate but not educated.

  7. Mahima Sharma says:

    Literacy teaches wisdow But education teaches how to use this wisdom in right Direction and where to use your skills !!

  8. Akanksha Chaturvedi says:

    literacy gives an individual the wisdom i.e. to decide what is right and what is wrong. Education gives you both wisdom and opportunity to be independent,to know your rights and to know your duties.
    So, we cant compare and choose between them both are necessary to be a JAGRUK NAGRIK.

  9. meetu uthra says:

    what we think does not count , it is our behavior that actually matters. It is rightly said in above article we should not be just literate but we should be educated and all our skills should be used for the betterment and well being of our society .

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