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Electrical energy from gaseous cells can be obtained from different types of gases. As hydrogen is the simplest element  having one proton and one electron.So we will discuss here about generation of electric energy from gaseous cell of hydrogen.


Being simplest and most abundant element in the earth crust hydrogen do not exist in earth naturally as a gas. It is combined with other element such as H2o which is combination of hydrogen and oxygen. It  is  found in many organic compounds such as  hydrocarbons which make up many of our fuels for example gasoline, natural gas, methanol, and propane. we can be separate hydrogen from hydrocarbons by the application of heat with a process known as reforming. Now currently, most of hydrogen is made this way from natural gas. An electrical current is used to separate water into its components of oxygen and hydrogen and process is known as electrolysis. Some of the algae and bacteria using sunlight as their energy source gives off hydrogen under some conditions

Genrally a fuel cell combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity ,heat and water. This fuel cells are are often compared with batteries as both these convert energy produced by chemical reaction into electric power. The fuel cell will produce electricity as long as hydrogen is supplied.


The basic principle used for magneto-hydro generated energy is same as of convectional electric generator which say’s that motion of a conductor inside magnetic field induces an EMF in it.In magneto hydro energy generation by the combustion of fuels the hot combustion gases produce electricity.

Genrally in magneto-hydro generator  the electric gas at a temperature is passed at very high velocity through the strong magnetic field at right angle to the direction of flow,hence generating electric energy. And this generated electric energy is collected from stationary electrodes placed on the opposite side of the channel. A very high temperature is needed for ionization of gas to produce good electricity. And the combustion gas is obtained by burning of fuel and also injecting material such as potassium carbonate. It consists of a high intensity pressurized chamber.

The advantage of magneto hydro generator is that it has a very high conversion efficiency and its capital cost is very less as compared to others electric generation operation. And also the discharge of heat to environment is less and also cooling water required is less.


1-Describe about  production of electric energy  from hydrogen gaseous cells?

2-Discuss about magneto- hydro generated energy?

3-What are the advantages of magneto-hydro generated energy?

4- why hydrogen gas is used for generating electric power?

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