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In 2005 a new test system was developed under mentorship of Sandeep sehgal. This system of test was



called as “ELitmus test”. Elitmus was designed to check industry acceptability of candidates and thus it would focus on what a student needs.

In actual terms Elitmus test acts as a database of serious candidates for a particular job. Hiring process was getting day and day difficult for corporate. Turn up ratio of legitimate aspirants had gone down to as low as 1%.

Team of Elitmus came as bridge between job seekers and corporate job requirement. Team of Elitmus designed and developed test a test in which they started giving “Ph” score of a candidate. “Ph” score given by team of Elitmus describes efficiency of a candidate in different streams and acceptably of candidate for that particular job.

We have brought here detailed Elitmus syllabus for help of students who seek Elitmus coaching.

AMCAT is also a test similar to that of Elitmus , which is more popular in Northern part of India where as Elitmus has major foothold in southern part of country. Companies like that of infosys , cognizant , L&T etc accepts Elitmus scores for processing of students for further round of job.

Also read difference between Elitmus and AMCAT

Elitmus coaching

1) Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus   20 Questions

Geometry: Geometry question in Elitmus test is from class 9th to 12th. For Management related jobs Elitmus test , geometry is from class 9th and 10th but for technical students from B.E or B-Tech Background , questions are from 11th and 12th.

Speed, Time and Distance: Most of questions of Speed , time and work are wasy with little tricks involved in very questions for all types of openings and presence of mind is checked from this set of questions.

Time and Work: Time and work has always remained complicated and same in case of Elitmus syllabus and Elitmus test.

Number System: Numbersystem question during Elitmus exam are similar to that of Banking exams , although Elitmus test is considered to be little tough than its competitor AMCAT .

Probability: Probablity in Elitmus syllabus is always tough nut to crack in Elitmus exams.

Permutation and Combinations: Permutation and combination has also little value in terms of marking but questions are tough .

Few Miscellaneous Questions

 2) Reasoning Syllabus:  20 Questions

 Seating Arrangement

Tabular Data

Cryptarithmetic Questions

Data Sufficiency questions

3) Verbal Ability Syllabus:  20 Questions

Reading Comprehension

Jumbled Paragraph Questions

Vocabulary Based Questions

Fill in Blanks

Miscellaneous Questions

Start preparing for Elitmus. All the best for your PH test




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