ELITMUS VERSUS AMCAT which one is better

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Before I answer the question that which is better ELITMUS or AMCAT. It is very important that you know what actually these two are and how they can be helpful to you.

Starting with ELITMUS





Elitmus is an exam conducted by an Indian company which help in hiring employees to other companies for entry level jobs. This exam is very important for freshers for a good job. pH test is conducted by eLitmus and some percentile is awarded to the candidates as scores. The percentile helps you getting interview calls.This is a paper- pen test. Elitmus is now trying to bring job for not only freshers but little experienced youths , although at this point ELitmus has not got much success in Man Hunting systems of highly Experienced people but Elitmus is getting success between 2 to 5 years of experience as well.


Coming to AMCAT now





AMCAT(Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test) is a test conducted by Aspiring Minds to check the employability of the candidates.It is an statistical assessment platform that provide skill measurement for students.

The pattern of the exam is similar to CAT(Common Aptitude Test). So, you can refer to CAT study material.


As, you see both the exams do the same thing i.e providing job opportunities to freshers and both have the same exam pattern almost. The major difference is on the basis of few factors that I am going to mention now and these factors will only decide which is better ELITMUS or AMCAT. AMCAT is trying to portray itself as testing platform and recently AMCAT has launched tests for many skills like English speaking , Programming and certification on these skill sets gives basic idea to recruiter about candidate

The level of AMCAT is not similar to CAT. The level of exam is average.





  • The fee of ELITMUS exam is Rs.920/-
  • The score card is valid for 2 years


  • The fee of AMCAT exam is Rs.843/-
  • The score card is valid for 3 years



  •  The calls depend on the percentile scored by you in individual section
  • Good percentile is very important for getting interview calls
  • If you score a low percentile you will still get the call but the number of interview calls in this case is a bit low


  • The same rule follow here if you score a good percentile you will get a lot of interview calls
  • Even if you don’t have a good percentile you will still have a lot of interview calls


Campus recruitment book

Campus recruitment book for all Campus related exams and interviews including AMCAT & Elitmus


  • Good range of salary is offered is the candidates with high percentile.
  • Most of the companies provide higher job profiles exceptionally in the field of software developer


  • Low salary is offered as compared to ELITMUS
  • Most of the time profile is also low
  • You may get high salary and high profile but the chances are less




  • 80% of the candidates those who give ELITMUS got selected in reputed companies.I will include the list of companies below.
  • If we talk on an average than 1500 out of 1800
  • Selection also depends on your interview
  • The chances of cracking the interview is hard .Now, the question arises WHY?

It’s because the level of ELITMUS is quite hard than AMCAT and so the expectations of the interviewer also increases


  • 65 to 70% of the candidates get selected through AMCAT. The list of companies is given below.
  • Selection depends on your interview also
  • Cracking the interview is easy as the level of exam is also average

Coaching Provided for  Elitmus exam 

Plutusacademy : Plutusacademy.com is a very good coaching providing coaching for various competitive examination  It offers both online and offline mode of coaching Its center is in noida For more details  Call : +91 97-18-55-2212 , 1204308958   

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Few companies out of those who select  through ELITMUS

  • DELL International Services
  • Ericsson((ICT)
  • HCL Technologies(IT enterprise)
  • Hewlett Packard(HP)
  • Accenture
  • Ikanos Communications India Private Limited
  • Innovation Technology Transfer India
  • L &T Infotech(Global IT Services And Solution Provider)
  • Microsoft India Private Limited
  • Motorola India Electronics Private Limited

The list is quite big so I can not give names of all the companies that higher through ELITMUS

Few companies out of those who select  through AMCAT

  • Cognizant
  • Snapdeal
  • Sapient Nitro
  • Rootwork Systems
  • MAQ Softwares
  • OSS Cube
  • Mphasis

Here also the list is quite long


According to my research the statistic are some what like this

Elitmus v/s AMCAT

Elitmus v/s AMCAT


Although both exams are good for a candidate for placement but ELITMUS is better than AMCAT . There are two main reasons for me saying this

First, SALARY:-

Salary paid to the candidates of ELITMUS is quite high sometimes upto 5 LPA. Salary offered in AMCAT starts from 1.8 LPA


As salary is our primary need the designation also matters a lot.

So, if you only need a job AMCAT is a better option but if you need a better job with a better salary go for ELITMUS and it definitely requires hard work too.

Elitmus and Amcat has liability to keep on changing their structure according to requirement of industry may it be corporate or students. In actual ELITMUS & AMCAT act like repository for different serious candidates who want to appear  for different corporate sector job mainly confined to IT and students from different engineering streams , although slowly and gradually AMCAT has started incorporating management students also in their list and same is being tried out by ELITMUS but as of now students seems to be more satisfied with Elitmus than that of AMCAT. Moreover Elitmus is more popular in southern part of country where as AMCAT has strong foot hold in norther region of India.

For current update on Elitmus or AMCAT , you can always write us at mail@oureducation.in or call 01204221413 or whats app at +919958444212 , we try to keep aspirants updated on Elitmus or AMCAT or similar exams

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  1. Madhavi B says:

    Hello sir, I am from ECE branch….if I write amcat I vl get core companies.

  2. Manik nain says:

    Plz tell me. Which coaching best for elitmus in pune.
    Plz reply this mail.

    • Tushar Kumar says:

      you can take online Elitmus coaching from Plutus academy

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    Accenture hires alot of students who had given AMCAT relatively as its a adaptive test ..

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