Ethics in HRM

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Ethics is an important factor that need to be considered by all the employees present in the work place. There are some basic responsibilities that need to be followed by every employee ,these include :     Ethics in HRM

  • The employee should always set an example before others for a good ethical conduct
  • He should not tolerate any of the improper actions and control on the way of reacting with others
  • Support the boss to help maintaining ethical standards
  • Be stable and predictable
  • Pat attention to each and every details
  • Ask for clarifications when you are in doubt or misunderstandings
  • Avoid any type of unethical traps of others
  • Protect your personal assets like health, self esteem, communication and integrity

Employee Participation:

Many managers have stated that the deeds of democracy should also be used in the business organization . The decisions in the organization should be made only after full and free discussions with the employees.

Employees should be given the freedom of expressing their criticism about the decisions in the organization that can affect them and can also make suggestions in protest to those decisions.

The employees have the right to make decisions regarding their own work activities or of the firm.

Employee Privacy:

    Privacy is considered as an important factor in motivating the employees towards their work “Right to Privacy” defined as the right  people have, to determine what, to whom and how much  information about themselves shall be disclosed to others.

Some factors that should be followed and should be taken care of are :

  • The use of phones and computers should be monitored.
  • At the time of investigation the employer can also use lie detectors
  • The employer should focus more on the computerized methods of collecting the information of the employees and for the purpose of storing them
  • Genetic testing which would help to find out whether the employee is going through some sort of disease

Ethics that need to be followed at the workplace

  • Health, safety and cleanliness methods should be taken care of
  • The system need to make sure that there are accident free and safely maintained work stations
  • The system should take care of the physical health of the employees
  • There should be no discrimination in the workplace on the basis of
  1. Gender- men or women
  2. Faith in different religion
  3. Color depicting the nationality of the individuals like black and white
  4. Age of the employees
  5. Language spoken
  6. Region to which they belong



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