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                                                                     Executive MBA or Full-time MBA


Executive MBA or Full-time MBA??

The question that whether to go for an executive MBA programme or a normal MBA programme is quite imperative. In order to answer this question and make correct decisions we first need to understand what is the difference between the two..This article deals with the difference between the two programmes and after carefully analyzing the various aspects of the two programmes one can make a better decision as to which one is better.

MBA and EMBA have lots of differences between them.

Executive MBA

First of all EMBA-EXECUTIVE MBA programmes are designed for working professionals who have at least 5years or more of working experience. These  programmes are basically designed for people with top managerial skill  and for upper level managers.

Secondly, in an executive MBA programme classes are generally conducted on the weekdays .However there are some institutes that offer full time EMBA. These weekdays classes are generally conducted so as not to interfere with the normal working schedule of the working people. Some institutes  also offer  online EMBA degrees which is gaining prominence day by day owing to widespread internet accessibility and high-speed connection

Thirdly, Eligibility criteria for pursuing executive MBA in INDIA are:

1)      Graduate from a recognized or deemed university with at least 50%

2)      Minimum work experience from 2-10 years depending upon the programme applied for.

3)      Valid GMAT/CAT scorecard.

4)      Good Knowledge of English

5)      Some institutes also have age limitations like IIM’S where the age should be minimum of 27 years while applying

Lastly: Some categories and ways in which Executive MBA programme is offered in INDIA are:

One-year executive MBA programme

Two year executive MBA programme

Correspondence Executive MBA programme

Online Executive programme

Executive MBA thus provides career advancement opportunities and helps in the updation of one’s managerial skills

                                                         Full-Time MBA

Full time MBA programme is generally pursued for gaining the basic knowledge about working of business or an enterprise. It strengthens the base of an individual and in a long run helps him in getting a strong foothold in any business enterprise. People pursuing MBA have a detailed knowledge of their domain  and their specialization on which they have obtained their degree. The eligibility criteria for pursuing full time MBA programme in INDIA are:

1)Graduate from recognized university

2) Valid GMAT/Cat  score

3) sound knowledge about English


With lots of types of MBA cropping up it has become the need of the hour to decide effectively that what type of MBA suits you the best because ultimately your career rests on this decision.



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