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When it comes to investment , then Exor is the name . Exor group is one of Eurpoe’s leading investment company. Exor group provides technological solutions, mostly software to the mesdium and small sized companies . Exor group has its origin in Italy, it is controlled by the Agnelli family. Exor group was established in the year 1927 by Giovanni Agnelli who formed Istituto Finanziario Italiano (IFI) for managing his investments in Fiat, Cinzano and other companies. Exor also controls the shares of Fiat Industrial , Cushman & Wakefield (the world’s largest privately held real estate services company). The headquarter of Exor is located in Italy.The Agnelli family’s holdings reorganised in 2008 and this led to the merger of IFI and IFIL to create Exor. This new name was based on a french company. EXOR makes committed investments which are focused on global companies in various sectors, mainly in Europe and the United States.
59% of ordinary shares are owned by the Giovanni Agnelli family. The Mackenzie Cundill Group holds 13.2% of ordinary shares . Acciona owns 15.4% of shares.
Type of company : A Holding company
It is Traded as a BIT: EXO company.
This Industry Is a Conglomerate
Company Founded on 27 July 1927 (IFI)
Company Headquarters located in Turin, Italy
(Chairman and CEO): John Elkann
Deals in products of : Industrial holdings
Total Revenue :$109.152 billion
Income( operating): €1.953 billion
Total Profit per annum : €137 million
Total assets owned by the company : €78.71 billion
Total equity of company : €15.20 billion
Owner(s) of this company : Agnelli family
No. of Employees : 42
Technical questions : Q1) What is a pointer in “C” ?
Q2) Differentiate between array and structure .
Q3) Question on SQL queries.
Q4) One maths puzzle
Q5) Questions on blood relations
Q6) coding/ decoding questions.
Q7) Simple interest, gain, profit , loss.
Q8) Question on cubes and areas.

Q9) Questions related to quantitative aptitude ( number system, area,  data interpretation questions (imp) , time and distance, speed and time, work and distance as well as problems in logical reasoning .)
Q1) Introduce yourself .
Q2) Explain How do you handle an angry customer?
Q3) What do you know about this company?
Q4) What progress can you make in this company and how ?
Q5) Can you work in a team ?
Q6) Tell me what you like/dislike most about your previous job?
Q7) Any question related to general awareness and policies of company.

These questions are based on the experience of those who had been called for the interview at the Exor group .


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  1. Dinesh says:

    The questions which you have listed here are really awesome, If you have provided with the best answers it will be much comfortable for the candidates to prepare for their interview process not only for CITY group but also for other companies also….

  2. Rachita Mishra says:

    EXOR S.p.A. is one of Europe’s leading investment companies and is controlled by the Agnelli Family. With a NAV (Net Asset Value) of over Euros 8 billion.Detail is here .go through this article.

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