Explain Air Interface in GSM Network

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This article lets you know about the short description in Master Switching Center and also about the description of Air Interface in GSM network.

Explain Air Interface in GSM Network:

GSM stands for global service for messaging. this is the mostly used service for transmission of data and call generation.
in this we use  components for connecting the call.
BTS,BSC,MSC,VLR,HLR etc are the main parts of the GSm network.

What is BTS

BTS is used for generating the call it provide path to the user to connect the call.when a path will be found then the bts transfer the call to the bsc. there can be number of bts connected with a single bsc.

What is BSC

BSC stands for Base Switching Centre. BSC and BTS are simmilar to each othr they both are used for providing the path to the suscriber,bsc is used for to remove paging problem. when call found the path it will be transfered to the msc for connecting.
there are several no of bsc those are connected with a single msc in a zone. the main work of bsc is to gave the information about the user to the msc.it gives ISDN ,TMSI etc to the suscriber for connecting the call.


MSC is used for connecting calls and found the information of the user, VLR HLR VSWR HLWR and other are connected with the MSC . generally there is only 1 msc for one zone that handles all the calls and other data transfer in the network.
when all the information is found by the msc then it will c onnect the call.
all these process are very fast and take less than 30 sec for connecting the calls.
sometimes when we change the msc from 1 zone to another then call termission problem will be rises this problem is known as handover. the handover problem will be rises because  msc have no information about the user. msc request to the other msc to transfer the information or it will provide temperory id to the user.

As all the process is wireless and occured in air so it is known as air interface in gsm networks.

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