Explain far and near field effect in wireless n/w

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far and near field effect in wireless n/w

.Explanation of far and near field effect in wireless n/w

It is the problem particularly in CDMA sytems where transmitter send transmitting frequencies and transmission lines.Its  the problem related to difference in the power of different user reaching base station.The near far problem is a condition in which a receiver captures the strong signal and hence make it difficult for the receiver to detect a weaker signal. Among 2 users the one with the stronger signal will get

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connected .In near far problem if 2 users are calling at a same time where 1 is near the base station and other is far away, then the 1 who is near will get connected to base station first and its power act as a noise for other user.As a result other users cal takes time to get connected.Eg-If 2 friends are in a room talking at a time so it become diffcult for both of them to listn each other.To solve this problem both will have to speak loudly.Far and near problem deals with different power reaching base station.

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To over come the problem of near far field POWER CONTROL is used.It control the amt of power of both user so that no noise occur.here the closer user uses less power so the SNR at the receiver is same for both the user.many a times this can damage battery or reduce its life.

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