Fees of IAS Coaching in Chennai

Fees of IAS Coaching Centers in Chennai

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The Civil Services is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. It is a nationwide examination which selects candidates to various posts. It is regarded as one of the most toughest examination. Many aspiring candidates appear for the exams but only the best and hardworking gets qualified to secure the seats. India is a very large and diverse country with people belonging to different social and economic class. Everybody might not have access to the same quality of education. None of this matters in UPSC because anybody and everybody who is willing to work can consider themselves worthy to attempt and succeed.

Does the city you reside in decide your chances?

Absolutely no. Delhi is termed as the best city for IAS Coaching. Delhi is a city famous for politics, administration and power. However, just joining a coaching institute anywhere does not guarantee your selection. Many candidates have succeeded without any coaching but it is always wise to have a tutor for guidance. The best twelve cities for IAS Coaching are:

  1. Delhi.
  2. Allahabad 
  3. Lucknow
  4. Patna
  5. Jaipur
  6. Indore
  7. Agra
  8. Hyderabad
  9. Bangalore
  10. Pune
  11. Kolkata
  12. Mumbai

Talent, dedication and the hardwork is what you require. Self study plays an important role in success. One of the advantages of joining an IAS Coaching institute is that it will filter the study material you are required to learn. Suggest the best material and also tactical methods of reading the newspaper. Coaching institutes and their faculty together will prepare you for a systematic journey.

Chennai for IAS Coaching – Top IAS Coaching Center in Chennai

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, a state situated towards the southern tip of the Indian Peninsula. From Carnatic music to rock music Chennai has it all.  Not to forget that it is a hub for IIT and has the most famous institute, IIT Madras. If you analyse the state from an educational perspective you will realize it does not only has famous engineering colleges but some of the oldest and most famous degree colleges as well. To name a few are Madras Christian College, Stella Mary and Women’s Christian College. All these institutions and their students together upholds the prestige of the state. If you are looking for guidance in this state do not worry, you are in the right place.

IAS Coaching Centers in Chennai – Best UPSC Coaching Center in Chennai

The best ten IAS Coaching Institutes have been reviewed, ranked and published by our site already. The top ten are given below:

  1. Shankar IAS Academy
  2. Ganesh IAS Academy
  3. Officers IAS Academy
  4. All India Civil Service Coaching Center
  5. Smart Leaders IAS Academy
  6. Cracking IAS Academy
  7. Periyar IAS Academy
  8. Success IAS Academy
  9. Chinmaya IAS Academy
  10. Sathya IAS Academy

 Fees structure of IAS Coaching in Chennai – Top IAS Coaching Center in Chennai

The fees structure is very subjective to the IAS Coaching institute you join. However, it ranges from RS. 70,000 – Rs. 1,50,000. The Rank 1 IAS Coaching institute in Chennai, Shankar IAS Academy charges Rs. 1,40,000/-. The fees depends on the course you opt for whether it is online classes, IAS Mains coaching or IAS main with optional subject coaching and so on.  This is the fees alone however if you are not from Chennai and is moving to the city for the coaching the expenses increase because of accommodation, food and other facilities. The positive about Chennai is that the lifestyle is very affordable and minimal. Thus, the additional cost that amounts is not significant.

The fees structure of some of the best IAS Coaching Institutes in Chennai are as follows:

1. Shankar IAS Academy, Chennai is as follows:

  • Prelims cum Main (GS + CSAT) Rs.8500/-
    Prelims cum Main (GS) Rs.7,500/-
    Prelims (GS + CSAT) Rs.6,500/-
    Prelims (GS) Rs.5,500/-

2. Ganesh IAS Academy, Chennai is as follows:

The programs offered here are of great variety:

  1. IAS Prelims cum Mains + CSAT + Public Administration, 18 Months, Rs.1,51,040/-
  2. IAS Prelims cum Mains + CSAT + History, 18 Months, Rs.1,45,730/-
  3. IAS Prelims cum Mains + CSAT + Geography, 18 Months, Rs.1,45,730/-
  4. IAS Prelims cum Mains + CSAT, 18 Months, Rs.1,18,000/-
  5. Public Administration, 6 Months, Rs.35,040/-
  6. History, 6 Months, Rs.29,230/-
  7. Geography, 6 Months, Rs.29,230/-
  8. TNPSC Group I,II & IIA, 6 Months, Rs.19,470/-
  9. SSC/Banking/RRB, 4 Months, Rs.10,000/-

Option + Module

  1. Public Administration + Polity, 6 Months, Rs.44,840/-
  2. Geography + Environment, 6 Months, Rs.38,940/-
  3. Geography + General Studies Geography, 6 Months, Rs.38,940/-
  4. History + General Studies History, 6 Months, Rs.38,940/-


  1. Polity, 2 Months, Rs. 14,160/-
  2. History, 2 Months, Rs4,160/-
  3. Geography, 2 Months, Rs.14,160/-
  4. Economy, 2 Months, R14,160/-
  5. Environment, 2 Months, Rs.14,160/-
  6. Current Affairs, 2 Months, Rs.15,340/-
  7. Governance, 2 Months, Rs.15,340/-
  8. Ethics, 2 Months, Rs.15,340/-
  9. Governance + Ethics3 Months, Rs.23,600/-

3. Officers IAS Academy charges as follows:

  1. Complete Package’ is our flagship package for – General Studies (Prelims + Mains) + CSAT + Optional + Mock Interview,  Rs. 1,60,000, (Discount Rs. 10,000). Final Price = Rs. 1,50,000
  2. ‘GS + Optional + Mock’ package for – General Studies (Prelims + Mains) + Optional + Mock Interview =  Rs. 1,40,000, (Discount Rs. 2,000), Final price = Rs. 1,38,000
  3. ‘GS + CSAT + Mock’ package for – General Studies (Prelims + Mains) + CSAT + Mock Interview =  Rs. 1,30,000, (Discount Rs. 2,000), Final Price = Rs. 1,28,000
  4. ‘GS + Mock’ package for – General Studies (Prelims + Mains) only + Mock Interview =  Rs. 1,10,000
  5. ‘Optionals’ package for – Optional paper only Choose 1 from Public Administration I Anthropology I Agriculture I Political Science and International Relations I Geography I History I Law I Sociology I Economics I Psychology I Philosophy I Tamil Literature I Commerce and Accountancy I Geology I English Literature I Mathematics I Medical Science I Engineering. Civil, Mechanical and Electrical I Sanskrit Literature | (5 months) Rs. 30,000 – –
  6. ‘CSAT’ package for – CSAT only (3 months) = Rs. 20,000 – –
  7. ‘2 years’ Integrated Course (PCM x 1 + Full Course x 1) = Rs. 2,70,000, (Discount Rs. 80,000) Final price = Rs. 1,90,00
  8. ‘3 years’Integrated Course (PCM x 2 + Full Course x 1) = Rs. 3,80,000 (Discount Rs. 1,60,000) Final price = Rs. 2,20,000
  9. ‘Online’ (General Studies + CSAT + Optional + Mock Interview) = Rs. 1,30,000, (Discount Rs. 10,000) Final Price = Rs. 1,20,000

4. All India Civil Service Coaching Institute

The charges are as follows:

Candidates belonging to ST/SCA/SC/MBC/DNC/BC/BC(M)/DA – Rs. 3000/-

OC Candidates only – Rs.4000/-

5. Smart Leaders IAS Academy

The charges are as follows:

Course-1GS (PCM)Rs.1,00,000/-One Lakh Only
Course-2CSATRs.15,000/-Fifteen Thousand Only
Course-3GS(P) & CSATRs.60,000/-Sixty Thousand Only
Course-4Optional (Sociology)Rs.32,000/-Thirty Five Thousand Only
Course-5Optional (History)Rs.32,000/-Thirty Five Thousand Only
Course-6Optional (Maths)Rs.25,000/-Twenty Five Thousand Only
Course-7Optional (Tamil)Rs.20,000/-Twenty Thousand Only
Course-8Optional (Geography)Rs.25,000/-Twenty Five Thousand Only
Full Course   


Net Amount Payable


Rs.   10.000/-


One Lakh Thirty Seven Thousand Only

If you are new to this concept and is unaware about the preparations and stages here is a summary for you. 

The examinations are conducted by the Union Public Service Commission of India.It can be attempted by anyone within the age of 21 – 32 (general category). To qualify for the Indian Administrative Service sit is necessary to pass all three stages namely:

  1. Prelims
  2. Mains
  3. Interview

Prelims: It consists of two papers on General Studies, 200 marks each with a duration of 2 hours each. The second paper is screening process to qualify individuals for the next stage, the MAINS.

Mains: It is not subjective. Candidates have to attempt nine papers out of which two are of the optional subjects chosen by the candidate. The first two papers are of 300 marks each and the other papers are of 250 marks each. Once qualifies you will be called for the interview or the personality test.

Interview: This session carries 275 marks. Any question can be asked here especially on your hobbies and others.

Even if you have not started yet and is thinking to it is always an advantage to read newspaper religiously. It is the main key to breakthrough the civil service examination. Always choose your institute after you review it. Make sure it suits your requirements and you are comfortable with the options provided there. Work meticulously and eminently and success will be in your hands. The position comes with a lot of responsibilities and compromise. It is an utmost pleasure to serve your country. Good luck!

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