The Effect of cinema on youth

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Movies nowadays leave a great impact on the minds of people. The effect of cinema on youth can be easily observed. Not only its effect can be seen on the elders of rural and urban areas but on the children as well. It cannot be said that all the films are corrupting youth. There are films like “BAGHBAN” which was a family film and made us learn a lot .The current films are more of action, thriller, romance, robbery etc. The youth tries to imitate each and everything which is in the films and this reflects in their dressing style, their driving, their way of talking etc. The people start imagining themselves in the story lines of those films. Girls and boys, especially in the age of 15-21, are the easiest preys. The dialogues, the dressing style of the actor becomes the latest trend for the youngsters. They try to imitate what all goes in films and without understanding that some part of it might leave a negative impression on them. Knowingly or unknowingly the films molds the youth of today in one way or the other and effect of cinema on youth can be seen widely. Even the youngsters in rural areas are so much affected by the movies, that they place the heroes of the film in a very integrated part of their minds. They try to change their lifestyle according to the films, starting from hairstyle, clothes, dialogues and so on.

effect of cinema on youth

Even the advertisements or ads what we call, are no less. Its human nature that we mostly follow the one whom we appreciate the most. There are ads that bring on actresses and actors for promoting a product in such a way that may lead the youth to some bad phase. In the films today when the daily  crimes, murders, robberies are shown some people take it in a
wrong way and they purposely learn how to commit such crimes. They learn the tricks and tactics used for crimes in the films.

In many films, stunts are being performed,the teenagers try to copy such stunts on their bikes and cars which many a times lead to severe accidents. Also now abuses are so common in almost all the films that even a kid of 10 years is able to speak such abusive language knowingly or unknowingly. Harassment and rapes have increased because of the free and western culture shown in films today. On the other hand, there are films like “Rang De Basanti“,  which is a wonderful film and films like “NAYAK“, are ideal lessons for the politicians of this country. But this remains restricted only in the films whereas in the real life, corruption is increasing day by day. There are family films which give such good morals to the youth but the people just watch them, gets influenced for some time and forget the moral as soon as the film gets over.

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Hats off to the film makers like Ashutosh Govarikar, Sanjay Leela Bhansali as they never use vulgar scenes in their film to make it work on the box office and earn a lot of business. Certain restrictions should be made to the use of vulgarity or show off so that every film is rated as a “FAMILY FILM” or “U/A” and not rated as a “B-GRADE” film or an “ADULT” film .

Moreover the screening of foreign films and an increase in cinema halls will trigger the competition and encourage local producers to make better movies and hence it will lead to such exposure which will ultimately affect today’s teenagers and even the small kids.

But ultimately its “WE” or the individual, on whom everything depends on. Everything depends on a person what he/she gains from the films. We should see the films to enjoy and learn good things and not let the bad things affect us. “Effect of cinema on youth” is a notion to be thought upon and concerned. So, beware of what you see and  what you gain.

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212 Responses to The Effect of cinema on youth

  1. nazia begum says:
  2. Fami Basumatary says:

    Everything was going good untill I stumbled upon this stupidity “showing free wester culture led to more rapes”. Not a reliable source. Showing free western culture should have led to boader minds but alas if someone writes like this it will surely lead to rape beacuse it is not the fault of the movie it is just the rapists and blame game player like you who can’t discuss about their wrong up bringing or our country’s backwardness. I agree with youth following movies for dressing style and stuff but saying rape is because of showing free western culture then you have a long way to go to even write on this topic especially about rape. Because this mentality is not taking our country anywhere.

  3. Avinash says:

    English communication skills and Literature

  4. Avinash says:

    English communication skills and Literature

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