Filter Press Panels

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Filter press panels are those that contains the sequence of plates with more than one level which is used for filtering the surface from both of the sides. These plates are assembled with the help of the filter cloths. These panels are adequate with the chambers form.
Basically the filter press panels are used for the separation process. The material which is to be filtered is done by the pump with the help of the pressure drive .Filter press panels are the fixed panels in their sizes and the operation is stopped when the filter cake become started.


Basically there are three types of the filter press panels and that are-
Plate and Frame filter press
Recessed plate and frame filter press
Automatic filter press

Plate and Frame Filter Press is also known as membrane filter press. These types of filter press are contains many plates which are assembled to each other. These panels are then getting the form of chamber and thus are applicable for the filtration working process.

Recessed plate and frame filter press are made by the polypropylene. In this the two plates are joined together to form the chamber. This formatted chamber is then used to allow the slurry material for the filtration process. These types of the filter are capable to the 10-75 plates in the chamber of its capability.
Automatic filter press is works like the manual press but the difference is only that it is automatic. These are consists of larger plates and frame filter presses with plate shifter. In this manner it works and filters the slurry automatically.


These types of filter panels are also available in the connecting sleeves.
These are also makes in drape over and butterfly types.
For its easy fixing, Velcro fastening method is used.
The neck fabrication used in it, is unique in their type.
The press panel holes are made by using the metallic and plastic materials.


Standard sizes of these filter press panels are 12 inch to 60 inch.
Standard micron rating lies from 1 to 200.
Fabric Quality of the panels are Polypropylene, Multi filament, Polyester, Nylon, Cotton.


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