Finding a Good Real Estate Agent: great job opportunity

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In case that you are in the lookout for good real estate agents, be that for commercial or private reasons, one thing that is sure to hit you is the sheer number of people to offer you service. The job that you have here is to look and settle for the best candidates for real estate jobs for your commercial or private project. Companies these days are on a constant look out for dedicated and efficient employees who can successfully take up the role of real estate agents. There are a good number of qualities that a good real estate agent should possess in order to be hireable by real estate companies in India. One of the sites that you can visit for the best accumulation of the most efficient and suitable real estate agent candidates is Jobtonic. The site only holds the profile of candidates who comply with all the requirements of the employers, in terms of eligibility, skill level and efficiency.

Finding a good real estate agent

When looking for a good real estate agent in Mumbai, you need to first be sure of the qualities you want in the, to be hired professional. Jobtonic provides you with the list of the most needed qualities and skills in a real estate agent to make him hireable by prospective employers throughout the country and also beyond. Some of these qualities include-


According to professionals and high end employers, one of the main things that make all the difference is the amount of experience held by the individual. Has he functioned as a real estate agent before, or is it his first time? Has he cracked deals with other clients on a large scale basis, or is he in practice of cracking small deals only? What is understood from here is, the main question lies at how experienced the individual is. More the experience, more will he be savvy with the different demands of the post and will be able to offer the definite requirements of the employers on Jobtonic.


When in the real estate business, the job of a real estate agent is to listen before he can start with the talking. When you do not listen to your clients, you end up looking up properties for them which they might not just like. It is the waste of both your and their time. This is when the situation of push sale becomes noticeable, which is the sure cause of customer dissatisfaction.

Impressive and Convincing

A real estate should be both impressive and convincing. He can be none, unless and until he has the detailed knowledge of the preferences of the client and also of the property he will be showing off. It is only real information and a genuine analysis of the property that can come at as convincing to the clients. When you have all the information, you no longer will have to push sale.


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