Flexible bellows

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The bellows or a pair of bellows , it is a device that is constructed to furnish a strong blast of air.Although , the simplest type consists of a flexible bag that is comprised of  a pair of rigid boards with handles that are joined by flexible leather sides enclosing the approximately airtight cavity from which it can be expanded and contracted by operating the handles and fitting it with a valve.It allows the air to fill the cavity when it expanded , and with a tube from which the air is forced out in a stream.However , the cavity is compressed and it has many applications for a particular blowing on a fire from supply it with air.
It is the word that is used by the extension for a flexible bags that volume can be changed by the compression or expansion.They are not used to deliver air such as the light and tight and the bag which allows the distance between the lens and film of a folding photographic camera that is to be varied , which is termed as flexible bellows.


Some processes such as metallurgical iron smelting and welding that is required so much of heat that they could only be developed after the invention and in antiquity of the bellows.Although , the bellows are often used to deliver additional air to the fuel with raising the rate of combustion and gives rise to the heat output.
There are various kind of bellows that are used in metallurgy which are as follows:

In Asia , there use are traditional.

In egypt , they were preciously used.

Accordion bellows
It is the characteristic pleated sides that have been used in Europe for many centuries
Piston bellows
They are developed in the middle of the 18th century in Europe.Although the double action bellows which were utilized by the “Han rulers” in the ancient China as early in the 3rd century.

Metal bellows
They are used to absorb the axial movement in a dynamic condition which were often referred to as the axial dynamics bellow types.


They are available in Cotton.
Polyester and in PTFE coated Fiber glass.
Dust collectors in reverse type – is for all OEM’s custom built
They are designed for Tubular , Square , Rectangular that are reducing  joints in the flange and axial fittings


RMS Corporatiom
J.Khushaldas and Company
Neeta bellows
Pioneer Plast
Sigma Polymer Industries
Eagle rubber products
Softt bellows
Creative Elastomers
Amrit Filtration
Dataseal India
Dynamics Corporation
Poojitha flex Technologies
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 Accordion bellows

 Piston bellows

 Metal bellows


These are installed in the ducting joints of the airbag filter which are surrounded by a space and although the installation process of flexible bellows are very easy so that it has to done by the user and by their own by the certain instructions.

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