GATE Sample Paper for Computer Science Engineering

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GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an all India examination which basically tests the understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science. Normally it examines the basics of Engineering subjects and technology using various interesting methods. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is jointly conducted by the Indian Institute of Science and the seven IIT’s of India on behalf of the National Coordination Board GATE, Ministry of Human Resource Management, Department of Higher Education and Government of India. It has so many benefits like a GATE qualified candidate can go for higher studies like He/she can apply in any Research and Development centre in India. They can apply for any Government Technical job as GATE exam is conducted on behalf of Government of India. This year GATE exam is totally conducted via online mode. Here is the GATE sample paper for Computer science Engineering with previous years question papers.

GATE Sample papers for Computer Science Engineering

Q1 to Q25 carry one mark each.

1. The smallest number that can be represented by an 8-bit number in 2’s complement form is
(a) -256
(c) -526
(d) 1

2. Given a language L-{ab, aa, baa}, which of the following string are in L*?
(a) abaabaaabaa
(b) aaaabaaaa
(c) baaaaabaaaab
(d) baaaaabaa

3.Which of the following problems are decidable?
(a) Does a given problem produce an output?
(b) If L is context free language, then, is L also context free?
(c) If L is a regular language, then, is  L also regular?
(d) If L is a recursive language. Then, is L also recursive?

4. Which of the following statements are TRUE?
        1. The problem of determining whether there exists a cycle in an undirected graph is in P.
         2. The problem of determining whether there exists a cycle in an undirected graph is in NP.
         3. If a problem A is NP-Complete, there exists a non-deterministic polynomial time algorithm
          to solve A.
(a) 1, 2 and 3
(b) 1 and 2 only
(c) 2 and 3 only
(d) 1 and 3 only

5.What will be the output when you execute the following code?
int main()
float a=5.2;
else if(a<5.2)
return 0;
printf(“Less than”);
printf(“Greater than”);
(a) Equal
(b) Less than
(c) Greater than
(d) Compilation error

6. Which one of the following is the tightest upper bound that represents the number of swaps required to sort n numbers using selection sort?
(a)  O(log n)
(b) O(n)
(c)  O(n log n)
(d) O(n2)

 7.An index is clustered, if
(a)  it is on a set of fields that form a candidate key
(b) it is on a set of fields that include the primary key.
(c)  the data records of the file are organized in the same order as the data entries of the index.
(d) the data records of the file are organized not in the same order as the data entries of the index

8. What will be the output when you will compile and execute the following code?
int main(){
char *str=”Hello world”;
return 0;
(a) 11Hello World
(b) 10Hello World
(c) Hello World10
(d) Hello World11

9. Which of the following statement is false?
(a) The problem of determining whether there exists a cycle in an undirected graph is in NP
(b) If a problem A is NP-Complete, there exists a non-deterministic polynomial time algorithm to solve A
(c)  The problem of determining whether there exists a cycle in an undirected graph is in P
(d) All

10.  Which of the following transport layer protocols is used to support E-mail?
(a) TCP
(b) IP
(c) FTP
(d) SMTP

11.The amount of ROM needed to implement a 4 bit multiplayer is
(a)  2KB
(b) 1KB
(c) 64 bits
(d) 128 bits

12. Register renaming is done in pipeline processors
(a) As an alternative to register
(b) As part of address translation
(c) For efficient access to function parameters and local variables
(d) To handle certain kinds of hazards

13. The protocol data unit for the application layer in the internet stack is
(a) Message
(b) Segment
(c) Datagram
(d) Frame

14.  Which one of the following is the tightest upper bound that represents the time complexity of inserting an object into a binary search tree of n nodes?
(a) O(n)
(b) O(n log n)
(c) O(n2)
(d) O(1)

15. The pre-order traversal sequence of a binary search tree is 40, 10, 20, 15, 25, 45, 39, 35, 42. Which one of the following is the post order traversal sequence of the same tree?
(a)  10,20,15,23,25,35, 42,39,30
(b) 15,20,10,23,25, 42,35,39,30
(c)  15,10,20,25,20,40, 42,39,35
(d) 15,10,25,23,20, 42,35,39,30

16. The process executes the code
Fork ();
Fork ();
The total number of child processes created is
(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) 6
(d) 7

17. Consider an undirected random graph of eight vertices. The probability that there is an edge between a pair of vertices is 1/2. What is the expected number of unordered cycles of length three?
(a) 8
(b) 7
(c) 1
(d) 1/8

18.Which of the following statements is/are TRUE for undirected graphs?
P: Number of odd degree vertices is even.
Q: Sum of degrees of all vertices is even.
(a) P
(b) Q
(c) Both P and Q
(d) None of these

19. In an IPv4 datagram, the M bit is 0, the value of HLEN is 10, the value of total ength is 400 and the fragment offset value is 300. The position of the datagram, the sequence numbers of the first and the last bytes of the payload, respectively are
(a) Middle fragment, 300 and 689
(b) First fragment, 2400 and 2759
(c) Last fragment, 2400 and 2789
(d) Last fragment, 2400 and 2759

20. Evolutionary computation is referred to
(a)  A set of attributes
(b) A modular design of a software application
(c)  A universal law
(d) None of these

21. What do you mean by expert system?
(a)  It is an approach to the design of learning algorithm
(b)  It is an information base filled with knowledge of an expert
(c)  It is the combination of different types of methods
(d) None of these

22. What do you mean by Falsification?
(a)  It shows a universal law to be invalid by providing a counter example
(b) It is a modular design of software application
(c)  It is the set of attributes of a database table
(d) None of these

23. What is a massive parallel machine?
(a)  It is a programming language
(b) It is a computer
(c)  It describes the structure of the content of database
(d) None of these

24. N(log N) is normally referred as
(a)  RDBMS
(b) A measure of maximal complexity
(c)  A database containing volatile data
(d) None of these

25.What do you mean by a search space in artificial intelligence?
(a)  It is the information which is to be stored in a database
(b) It is a large set of candidate solution
(c)  It is the worth of output of a machine learning program
(d) None of these

Q26 to Q50 carries 2 marks each.

 26. What happened to the value of constant in the program?
(a)  That does not change during program execution
(b) It can vary during program execution
(c)  It can change during the program execution
(d) None of these

27. The total time elapsed between submission of a command and getting the result is known as
(a)  Access time
(b) Entrance time
(c)  Response time
(d) None of these

28. The following truth table represents
(a)  AND gate
(b) OR gate
(c)  NOT gate
(d) NOR gate

29. What is the maximum number of reduce moves that can be taken by a bottom up parser for a grammar ?
(a) n/2
(b) n-1
(c) 2n-1
(d) 2n

 30. What is the possible number of reflexive relations on a set of 5 elements?
(a) 220
(b) 210
(c) 215
(d) 225

31. The worst case running time to search an element in a balanced binary search tree with m2m elements is
(a) Θ(m log m)
(b) Θ (m2m)
(c)  Θ (m)
(d) Θ ( log m)

32. Which of the following is not true?
(a)  In a magnetic disk users can update records
(b) Magnetic disk provides the sequential access to stored data
(c)  Magnetic disk is slow relative to magnetic tape
(d) All are true

33. What is the output of the following program?
main( ) {
int a = 300, b, c ;
if ( a >= 400 )
b = 300 ;
c = 200 ;
printf ( “\n%d %d”, b, c ) ;
(a)  200, 300
(b) 300, 400
(c)  300, 200
(d) None of these

34.What will be the output of the following program?
Class A
Public static void main()

(a) Welcome
(b) WelcomeWelcome
(c) Compilation error
(d) None of these

35. What is the use of <a href></a> tag?
(a)  Link
(b) Color
(c)  Text size
(d) None of these

36. What is the use of mark up language?
(a)  Execution of a program
(b) Modification of a web page
(c)  Database entry
(d) Error finding

37.Newton-Raphson method is used to compute a root of the equation 2-13=0 with 3.5 as the initial value. The approximation after one iteration is
(a) 3.757
(b) 3.575
(c) 3.676
(d) 3.607

38. What do you mean by a logical schema?
(a)  Logical schema is the entire database
(b) It describe data in terms of relational tables and columns
(c)  It describes how data is stored on disk
(d) Both A and D

39.Related fields in a database are grouped to form a
(a)  Data table
(b) Data relation
(c)  Data record
(d) Menu

40.What do you mean by a subschema?
(a)  It expresses the logical view
(b) It expresses the physical view
(c)  It expresses the external view
(d) All of the above

41.In which concept SET concept is used?
(a)  Entity Relationship diagram
(b) Network model
(c)  Hierarchical model
(d) Relational model

42.Relational algebra is referred as
(a)  Data definition language
(b) Meta language
(c)  Procedural query language
(d) Structured query language

43.Which database level is closest to the users?
(a)  External level
(b) Internal level
(c)  Physical level
(d) Logical level

44.A set of possible data values is called
(a)  Degree
(b) Tuple
(c)  Attribute
(d) Domain

45.C++ is developed by
(a)  Clocksin
(b) Sir Richard hardly
(c)  Donald knuth
(d) Bjmap stroustrup

46. Choose the correct remarks.
(a)  C++ allows any operator to be overloaded
(b) Some of the existing operators cannot be overloaded.
(c)  Operator precedence cannot be changed
(d) All of the above

47. Overloading is otherwise called as
(a)  Virtual polymorphism
(b) Transient polymorphism
(c)  Pseudo polymorphism
(d) Ad-hoc polymorphism

48. Cout stands for
(a)  Character output
(b) Class output
(c)  Common output
(d) Call output

49. Java is known as
(a) object oriented language
(b) object based language
(c) fourth generation language
(d) First generation language

50. When JAVA language is embedded in html codes, the result is
(a) AWT
(b) Javascript
(c) CSS
(d) XML

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