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Geography Optional Books

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Geography as a subject assumes a significant part in all competitive examination.

It has a prominent role in the Prelims and General studies Papers. It is an interesting subject. If aspirants are profound of this subject, no doubt you can choose this as your optional subject for UPSC IAS Mains Exam. It is an endless subject which deals with the spatial association between individuals, places, and the earth and it broadly covers all sphere. This is very easy and scoring optional if approached rightly. Many candidates have cracked UPSC Civil services examination by opting geography as their optional subjects.

Best Book for Geography Optional For UPSC Exam-

Books for Geography Paper I


  • Alok Ranjan Geography Notes
  • ALS Agriculture Geography Notes
  • Shabbir Sir Geography Notes
  • A Geography by Population – R.C. Chandna
  • Agricultural Geography – Majid Husain
  • Climatology – D.S.Lal
  • Economic and Social Geography – Made Simple by Rupa Publisher
  • Economic Geography- Hartshorn & Alexander
  • Environmental Awareness – R.C.Chandna
  • Environmental Geography – Savindra Singh
  • Environmental Geography -Saxena
  • General Climatology -Critchfield
  • Geomorphology – Savindra Singh
  • Human Geography -Majid Husain
  • Oceanography- Sharma & Vatal, NCERT
  • Evolution of Geographic Thought-Majid Husain
  • Physical Geography – Made Simple, Rupa Publisher

Books for Geography Paper II

  • A Geography of India -Gopal Singh
  • Agriculture Geography – Majid Husain
  • Certificate Physical and Human Geography – Goh Cheng Leong
  • Economic and Commercial Geography of India – C.B. Mamoria
  • Economic and Commercial Geography of India – Sharma & Coutinho
  • Economical and Commercial Geography -Sharma & Coutinho
  • Economical and Commercial Geography of India – C.B. Mamoria
  • Environmental Awareness – R.C.Chandna
  • Environmental Geography – Savinder Singh
  • Environmental Geography – Saxena
  • Geography of India – Majid Husain
  • Geography of Population- R.C.Chandna

                               1. Alok Ranjan Geography Notes

Geomorphology, Factors controlling landform development, Fundamentals of geomagnetism, Geosynclines, Continental drift, IsostasyPlate, tectonics, Physical conditions of the earth’s interior, Climatology, Physical conditions of the earth’s interior, Oceanography, Biogeography, Genesis of soils, Environmental Geography, Economic Geography, Population and Settlement Geography

Price –  Soft Copy  49

Price – Hard Copy- 840

Alok Ranjan Geography Notes

Alok Ranjan Geography Notes Pdf

                        2. ALS Agriculture Geography Notes

Political Ideas, Democracy, Political Ideologies

Price –  49

Als Notes Pdf

                        3.  Shabbir Sir Geography Notes

Resources, Agriculture, Industry, Transport, Cultural Setting, Settlements, Regional Development and Planning, Political Aspects:, Contemporary Issues

Soft Copy Price – 5

Hard Copy Price –  1500

Shabbir Sir Geography Notes

Shabbir Sir Geography

                               4. A Geography by Population – R.C. Chandna

Author – R.C. Chandna

ISBN: 9327236475

ISBN: 978-9327236477
Price – 550

                              5. Agricultural Geography – Majid Husain

Author- Majid Husain

ISBN: 8170333474
ISBN: 978-8170333470

Price –200

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                             6. Climatology – D.S.Lal

Author– D.S.Lal

ISBN: 8170333474
ISBN: 978-8170333470

Price– 200

                          7. Economic and Social Geography – Made Simple by Rupa Publisher

Author – R. Knowles & J. Wareing 

ISBN: 0001000128

Price-  177

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                     8. Economic Geography- Hartshorn & Alexander

Author-  Hartshorn & Alexander

ISBN: 8120305191
ISBN: 978-8120305199

Price- 289

                  9. Environmental Geography – Savindra Singh

Author– Savindra Singh


Price –540

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                10. General Climatology -Critchfield

Author- Dr. Rajeshwar Roy

ISBN– 9788126153008

Price– 394

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                 11. A Geography of India  Gopal Singh

Author- Gopal Singh

ISBN: 8126717742
ISBN: 978-8126717743


Through This Research Article on best  Geography Optional Notes, we have tried to answer a few frequently answered question by a student

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2. Which book should I read for geography optional?
3. Which is the best book for the geography optional in the Hindi medium for UPSC?
4. What is the minimum number of good books for geography optional for the Civil Services Mains exam?

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Geography Optional Books
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Geography Optional Books
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