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How to get good marks in Hindi A in Board Exam

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How to get good marks in Hindi A in Board Exam

बोर्ड परीक्षा में हिंदी में अच्छे अंक कैसे प्राप्त करें

Achieving Good marks in Hindi A in Board Exam is not very easy. Hindi is 1st or 2nd language for a larger population in India. People understand that its important to know Hindi to remain connected to roots but Hindi is no more being taken seriously.

At some places getting less marks in Hindi is considered to be cool……………… But for exam you have to know and read well. In 2018 board exam for CBSE is to be conducted in last Week of Feb or 1st week of march. This articlle is being written in English because its important for those who lack knowledge of Hindi as Subject and can easily understand what is to be read for Hindi and “good marks in Hindi in Board Exam” but How?

Marking Scheme for all subjects have been released and So is Hindi Marking Scheme.

There will be four sections in Hindi

Un seen passage अपठित अंस 15 marks
Hindi Grammar व्यावहारिक व्याकरण 15 Marks
Hindi Book पाठय पुस्तिका 30 Marks
Written लेखनी 20 Marks

Its very difficult to get a good teacher for Hindi as well these days. Many of the times students do opt for languages like Sanskrit to fetch good marks but this year marking scheme needs through out reading of Hindi Language as well as Grammar.

Parents need to understand background of a teacher before hiring them for their Kids Hindi exam of CBSE class 10th. Many teachers would not have appeared for Board exam themselves because of CCE system at their time.

online tuition for class 10th Board exam

Coachings also do not offer quality Hindi teacher , keeping in Mind “Any one and Every one Knows Hindi”

Any one and Every one Knows Hindi , This thought is Killing Hindi

कोई भी और हर कोई हिंदी जानता है” यह सोचा  हिंदी हत्या कर रही है

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Parents are also least concerned about marks of Hindi of their ward

Coachings have adopted a new way to help students that is through online sample paper module. Students solve there sample papers and then after solution , answer paper is sent to teacher or coaching , where teachers guide students on every question basis.

Most of students write correct answer but are not aware of steps of marking in Hindi. This force them to get poor marks during board exam and thus practice and feedback from faculty is necessary.





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