Getting Into your Dream Business School IIM through CAT exam

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28 February 2014: Devashish Khera said: Getting into your dream business school is fully a matter of hard work, consistency and patience along with sheer luck. Since the traditional system of pen paper test has been over taken by the online examination, one cannot go through the shortcuts. Rather there are no shortcuts left. The only way to crack the CAT exam and / or other business school entrance exams, is to get one’s fundamental concepts very clear and correct. There are various institutes currently present in the market who would help you in getting prepared for these types of entrance exams. All are equally good as well as equally bad. It solely depends upon you how you connect and how much you are determined towards your goal.

CAT examClearing the CAT with an extremely high percentile is not only the task you have to complete. The actual test of your personality takes place after this round in which there is the Group Discussion and the Personal interview rounds. No one can help you prepare for this round. Instead one can only brush up his / her credentials and achievements. These rounds only to check your over all personality. So, you need not worry about this round. Whatever you have done throughout your life, you have to reflect that in these rounds. You must be your own self. You must not try to deceive the assessors.

I would like to recommend that before applying for the IIMs and other Top B – schools, one should analyze his or her caliber. Never go with the perception of others about it. Once you have decided you have to do it, you need to focus on your own basics. Try solving 7th – 10th grade NCERT mathematics. You need to make a feasible schedule for yourself and should strictly adhere to it. The type of person a business school looks for is an all rounder. You must manage your time properly. Go through your test reports and analyze your weak and strong areas. Work efficiently and diligently on your grey areas. Hard work always pays. Getting into an IIM is not so difficult. One must understand that it is not only a one day or a two days process. It is almost an year round process in which you have to set small targets and achieve them every day. These tips will definitely take you to your dream business school. ALL THE BEST! Hope you get your dreams come true.

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