Globalization is good for developing countries.

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Before discussing this very well topic.Let us first clear the meaning of GLOBALISATION. Globalisation is basically a system for the interaction of different countries of the world to improve or enhance  the global economy. It involves technical,economical,political and cultural exchanges made possible by advance in communication. Globalisation usually means neoliberalism and free trade globally, and the integration of poor countries into a world economy of open competition, imports and exports.

Now,coming directly to the topic, I think globalization is good for developing countries. It gives them access to the market,and a better view for the upcoming technologies. It also increases the economic reforms. It also helps in reducing poverty in many developing countries by trade. Competition in the international market gives rise to the better technologies to come your way  with lot of economic advantages.

By globalization you get to know about whats new in the outside market . Also, globalization allows the brainpower of the world to converge on a certain problem, instead of having 100 different people re-inventing the wheel without contact with each other. If there is no globalization there is no way to eat tomatoes in December, apples in summers and many more things you enjoy in different weathers.

Considering the example like a country Cuba, it doesn’t interact or trade with other nations. And consequently the result is people there can barely afford to eat, it’s in a worse state than many of the other South American nations. The reason for this is isolation. Countries need each other to grow and even to survive. Trade always produces growth, countries sell the excess of things they don’t need and in return receive things they do need.

So, by concluding the topic I think globalization contributes in the progress of the nation and is good for developing countries.

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10 Responses to Globalization is good for developing countries.

  1. Anonymous says:
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  3. Anonymous says:

    According to me Globalization is very vital for developing countries. Globalization gives a better plat to developing countries for increasing their economic, social, external affairs matter. After globalization all conflict matters are near to end and every country live happily.


    According to me Globalization brings the world under 1 umbrella. It helps us to understand different nations and the reason of their progress. It helps us to improve ourselves. It helps us to improve the standard of goods so that we can compete in international markets. It is due to globalization that the world has achieved so much in the field of technology, education, astronomy etc. So keeping all these things in mind I think Globalization is must.

  6. Mitali Panda says:

    ya it totally helps in developing a country and its economy. it creates job opportunity for the peoples of developing country

  7. Pallavi sinha says:

    Globalization helps developing countries to strenghten the economy by increasing trade,gdp n can entertain the things n technoloy which are the reason behind the development,progress and success of other countries.

  8. Roshani Mishra says:

    Many have the idea regarding globalisation that where richer countries take advantage of the poorer countries, creating a large gap between them but different parts of the world have different values and to someone who is unaware of these parts work may mistake globalization’s opportunities for corruption Globalization can benefit all countries, rich or poor, if that country is willing to be open to international trade. People who are anti-globalization are merely blind to the actual facts. Poorer countries do what they can to survive, and globalization helps them obtain higher incomes and improve living conditions. Just because wages are significantly smaller in poorer countries does not mean exploitation is present. Countries with lower incomes, poor literacy rates, and poor health care cannot become wealthy and efficient over night. Globalization is a slow process, but it is working and has changed the face of India that we see it today A country closed to the rest of the world will not learn to better themselves, and continue to do things they way they have been doing. As a result there will not be as much room for improvements and new opportunities to countries that do participate in globalization.One of the major forces of globalization in India has been in the growth of outsourced IT and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. The last few years have seen an increase in the number of skilled professionals in India employed by both local and foreign companies to service customers in the US and Europe in particular.So it will just keep improving India day by day

  9. Shilpa Ranjan says:

    Well i totally agree with the given statement globalization is do necessary for the developing countries. Its major advantage is that it gives access to the upcoming latest technologies and access to the market. So this can be one of the major reason for country like India as well as other to be more developed and achieve progress in different aspects.

  10. sakshi chaudhary says:

    Globalization is good for developing countries as it provide better opportunities for the growth to better stand in the market……

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