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The first two sections of the test of the GRE EXAMINATION SYLLABUS are Analytical  writing sections. The duration of the two tasks to be completed as part of the Analytical writing section lasts 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes).

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The objective type questions in the GRE tests starts from the third section. The third section is a 30 minutes – 30 questions verbal section and the fourth section is a 45 minute – 28 questions of Quantitative analysis.


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The GRE verbal section comprises about 6 sentence completion questions, 7 analogy questions, 8 analogy Comprehension questions and 9 antonyms questions. You will have 30 minutes to answer these 30 questions. Please remember as GRE is a computer adaptive test, you will not be allowed to skip a question or come back to the previous question. Take a lot of care before you answer a question.

The GRE quantitative section comprises 28 questions. About 14 of these questions are problem solving questions while the other 14 are quantitative comparison questions. data analysis questions also form a part of the quantitative section of the GRE test. You will have a total of 45 minutes to answer these 28 questions.

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This section replaced the multiple choice Analytical Reasoning Section. It tests the ability to analyze issues as well as the writing ability through 2 essays. Watch this space for forthcoming material on preparing for these essays.

GRE verbal section includes :

  1. GRE Sentence Completion Questions : Each GRE sample sentence completion questions has one or two blanks. Each blank shows that something has been omitted. Under each GRE sample sentence completion question five words are given as choice. Choose the one correct word for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.
  2. GRE Analogy Questions : Each of the GRE Analogy sample questions consists of two words that have a certain relationship to each other, followed by five lettered of related words. Select the lettered pair of words.
  3. GRE Reading Comprehension Questions : Each reading passage in this is followed by questions based on the contents of the reading passage. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question. The questions are to be answered on the basis of what is stated or implied in the passage.
  4. GRE Antonyms Questions : Each of the GRE sample Antonyms questions word followed by a five words or phrases as a choice. Choose the word or phrases which is most accurate opposite in meaning of the word written in capitals.

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GOOD LUCK to all the aspiring students.

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  1. abhijeet savase says:

    I want start study for gre and toefl so plz guide me

  2. GRE is not an easy exam to crack… lot of preparation and smart work will make things better… so if you are opting for this exam here is your first step to start THE SYLLABUS. Read it and plan it how you are going to prepare..

  3. This article is really helpful for GRE aiming students.

  4. Shruti Priya says:

    Cracking GRADUATE RECORD EXAMINATION is something like dream come true. Its a a good opportunity for engineers to go for GRE exam.Well arranged article with all the relevant information regarding GRE syllabus and its exam pattern.Go through this GUDLUCK…

  5. Rashmi Rani says:

    GRE is one of the most important exams in an engineering graduates career… It is useful to get a job in various government sectors. This article clearly explains the various informations related to GRE and the informations if used properly will surely help you in cracking GRE. Good luck….

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