GRE Maths syllabus for test

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GRE Maths syllabus is as follows

Mathematics is one of most important subject during exam of GRE and here we have discussed syllabus in detail for students preparing for GRE.

1. Calculus 50% : Importance of calculus in Maths syllabus of GRE is about 50%. Not only

GRE maths syllabus

Maths syllabus of GRE

Integral & Differential calculus are important but Elementary calculus is of similar importance. You can not miss even Trigonometry calculations which are calculus based. Calculus calculation based on Co ordinate Geometry is also of similar importance.

  • a. Integral calculus
  • b. Differential calculus
  • c. Trigonometry based on calculus
  • d. co ordinate Geometry
  • e. Differential Equation

Algebra with Importance or significance level of 25%

Total syllabus of GRE

About 25% of questions are from Algebra section

Elementary Algebra: Algebra techniques of Senior secondary Boards are major parts

  • Rules of exponents
  • Simultaneous equation solution
  • Basic algebra skills to solve problems

Linear Algebra

  • 1st and 2nd degree of equations
  • Linear Transformation
  • Polynomial characteristics

Abstract Algebra & Number system

  • Number Theory
  • Group Theory
  • Theory of rings

Miscellaneous: It constitutes of Arithmetic , Geometry  , Statistics , Number system etc:  constitutes of 25%

  • Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Parallelogram
  • Area
  • Perimeter
  • Pythagoras Theorem
  • Volume

Total syllabus of GRE

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