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Group discussion on Article 370

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Group discussion on Article 370 

How to start , from where to start for such an important topic while you are sitting for Group discussion on Article 370 has always been challenge for candidates while they appear for a job Group discussion round or college admission group discussion round. Through this article on Article 370 , I will try to clear few doubts.

Jammu & Kashmir had always been home of traitors from time of Mughal empire when it use to be country capital during summer and was always treated as brothel of Mughals. As soon as Britishers power increased in India and Mughal lost their grip and became Puppet Jammu Kashmir changed it loyalty from Mughal to Britishers and it was to be rewarded by Britishers for not taking part during Sepoy mutiny in 1857 when whole country was fighting against Britishers.

Maharaja Hari singh must not be forgotten during discussion on Article 370 as , he his lust and greed which he had inherited from his fore Map of Jammu kashmir for Article 370fathers Maharaja Gulab Singh and Maharaj Ranbir Singh played a vital role in formation of Article 370.

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Before going deep in to discussion on Article 370 , I would like to express the outcome of this discussion which are as follows.

” Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru , first Prime Minister of India formulated Article 370 with a traitor named Saikh Abdulla without informing Sardar Patel , first home minister & Deputy Prime Minister of country who was responsible for bringing all 565 princely states under banner of Indian Republic due to which today we call India as one nation.”

It was death of Mahtama Gandhi which gave Nehru Ji free hand in running country , because for some reason , Sardar Patel had personal affinity for Pandit Nehru and he always fulfilled demands of Pandit Nehru as a mother fulfills all demands of her son specially after assassination of Bapu.

Let us come back to Article 370 which is for Jammu & Kashmir , crown of India or Northern most state of India which is still not completely an Indian state and has its own rights and powers above Indian Parliament.

A greedy state Jammu Kashmir is paying for its own deeds , Today our men are dyeing everyday to protect people , who do not understand why Pakistan tries to keep issue of Kashmir alive.

Why Pakistan is funding terrorism in Kashmir

Pakistan is funding terrorism in Kashmir and if it will  not do so , Pakistan will get divided in its own. Pakistan was formed on occupied land of Afgani Pashtuns . Pashtuns never accepted existence of Pakistan and still on Afgan Pakistan border run their own territory. Pakistan shows those territories under boundary of Pakistan but its not governed. Pakistan got divided in 1971 once and its again on verge of division to Balo

divided pakistan balochistan

divided pakistan balochistan

chistan and sindh. During early age of indipendence in 1949 , Pakistan lured a large bunch of Pushtons whom they drived to Kashmir to fight on the name of Islam and freedom and no attaxk from army contract. These Pushton came to kashmir and started fighting with Indian army . Most of the Pushtons ran away back and few lived under mask of Kashmiri citizens protecting few politicians who latter mingled up with citizens and then latter started asking for an independent Jammu & Kashmir and these terrorists are actual Afgans not Kashmiris who ask for article 370

Too be continued…………………………

We welcome comments from Indian Nationals or Foreigners and our research on the topic is going on and we are trying to find it through RTI and old books and Biographies which have been written on topic of article 370…………………….

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  2. anmol says:

    some provisions were made in 1954 related to article 370 for example
    jurisdiction of supreme court was extended to kashmir
    also central govt was given power to declare national emergency in kashmir over external matters.
    but were these provisions really passed because i cant find them in constitution of india , they are just available on wikipedia .
    my second question is that can i get some sub topics for my upcoming debate on article 370

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