GSAT Sample Questions Paper with Solution and PDF

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Samsung is the world’s largest Consumer electronics South Korean company with over 4 Lakh employees globally which was established in 1938 by Lee byun chull in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises affiliated businesses and numerous subsidiaries. Samsung industrial subsidiaries include Samsung Electronics, Samsung Engineering, Samsung Heavoy Industries and Samsung C&T.

To get a job in Samsung industry, Samsung Conducts GSAT i.e. Global Samsung Aptitude Test and students who clear this exam are called for Interview. GSAT consists of 50 Aptitude Questions which is to be covered in 1 hr. or 60 minutes.

Global Samsung Aptitude Test (GSAT)

GSAT Sample Paper with Solution

Here  some GSAT sample questions with answers are given in the following section. Remaining are attached with the PDF of GSAT Sample Paper.

Some Important GSAT Sample Questions with their solutions:-

1. Out of the following which supports error checking and error correction in data link layer

a) 802.2 LLC
b) 802.3 CSMA/CD
c) 802.4 Token Bus
d) 802.5 Token Ring

Ans: a

2. Which of the following is not CDMA technology

a) DS-FH (Discrete spectrum-freq hoping)
b) DS_FT
C )DS-

Ans: d

3. A and B are two stations 330km apart. A train starts from A at 8pm. and travels toward B at 60kmph. Another train starts from B at 9pm. And travels towards A at 75 what time do they meet?

(a) 11am

(b) 12pm

(c) 11.30am

(d) 11.45am

Ans. a

4. Advantages of digital over analog signal:

a) noise immunity
b) data security and integrity
c) efficient transmission
d) all of the above

Ans: d

5.  If it costs x dollars for making certain item if quantity is 1000 and if quantity increase then the item is made using y dollars. If z number of items are made which are greater than 1000 then what is the total cost.

Ans: 1000(x-y) +yz

6. Problem on average ages given age of captain 25 and wicket keeper’s Age 3 years more than captain’s age. now the average of the remaining team is one less than the avg of whole team. what is the avg age of each.

Ans: 22

7. How many bits of IP address are required to make 8 subnets

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Ans: 4 (as 000 and 111 0f 3 bits are not valid subnets so take 4 bits)

8. In 1.5 fixed format how is -1 represented


Ans: a

9. what is the advantage of ADSL(asymmetric digital subscriber line) over modem?

Ans: It has normal uplink band width but higher down link bandwidth (something like that).

10. What will be the output?

#define Sqr(b) b*b;
main( )
int i=3;

Ans: 11

11. What will be the output?

Char c=,a,;

Printf(“%d %d”, sizeof(c),sizeof(,a,));

a) 1 1

b) 2 2

c) 2 1

d) 1 4

Ans: d

12. Why channel coding is done

a)to secure data
b) to maintain integrity of data
c) effective transmission of data
d) all o

Ans: c

13. struct abc
Struct abc arr[10];
Struct abc *p=arr;

Which will be increment the pointer to point the next array element?

Ans: p=p+sizeof(abc)

14. What will be the output?

int i=512;
Char *c=(char *)&i;

Ans: 513

15. Question on error resilient and sustain to burst which is

a) solomon code
b) cyclic
c) gray
d) huffman

Ans: a

If you have any advice / feedback then just drop it in the below given comment section. Your feedback and advice is always welcome.

Download PDF:

GSAT Sample Paper with Solutions.pdf

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