Hacking Tools

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hacking tools

hacking tools

Hacking tools have made the task of hacking very simple. But,  unless a person have the knowledge about other aspects of hacking he is no good. These tools are  misused by malicious actors in order to identify and exploit network security weaknesses. But misuse is done by the black hat hackers. If these tools are used with the aim of ethical hacking then they have a lot of significance.There are wide variety of tools available in market which are used to perform different kinds of hacking.


Best Hacking Tools:

Following enlists the mainly used tools along with their brief details:

1.     HASHCAT

  • Hashcat is basically the password cracking tool. The main application of this lies in companies where it allows to check the complexity of the company password policy.
  • Moreover, this tool allows us to demonstrate the ease with which a password can be recovered.
  • It states that the best password would be the name of the family
  • Cat has an interesting feature with no expiration date.
  • In this way the tool seems to be best to crack the password.

2.     WIFITE

  • Phishing being the very severe attack is controlled or somewhat prevented by wifite.
  • As the name suggests, Wifi is involved. Thus, to test the WiFi related security, Wifite has the simplest and efficient method.
  • It is written in Python and runs on all platforms.
  • The main task is verifying that the corporate wireless networks are configured according to the applicable Security Policy
  • Along with Wifi security, Wifite allows to discover all devices that have an active wireless capability.
  • Thus, Wifite is of great importance now a days to prevent hacking of Wifi. 

3.     Kismet: 

  • Kismet helps to identify networks by passively collecting packets and detecting standard named networks, detecting  hidden networks.
  • Its based on Client/Server modular architecture
  • Kismet constitutes of Multi-card and channel hopping support
  • Runtime WEP decoding as its main functionality
  • Moreover, Tun/Tap virtual network interface drivers for realtime export of packets also provided. 

4.     WireShark

  • The main motive is to track  “what’s happening on network”  at a microscopic level.
  • Deep inspection of hundreds of protocols
  • Multi-platform: Runs on Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris making it easy to use.
  • Live capture and offline analysis is its main feature


  • SET is basically a framework that helps the in creation of  technical attacks which operated using the credentials of the human being.
  • Along with this , it can be used in the process of preparing a phishing attack mimicking making it vast.
  • The intuitive menu makes it an even more attractive tool.

images_3All above tools are in great use nowadays because rapid increase of cyber crime, the appropriate and immediate remedy is needed.



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