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Hacking is attractive and interesting approach although not appears to be so popular and very difficult.In recent times every IT Engineer wants to be a hacker.Special trainings are given by various organizations to learn “HOW TO BECOME A HACKER”.Hacking is illegal as well as legal depending upon the terms and conditions for which it is used.There are two types of hackers:
1 White hat hackers/Ethical hackers
2 Black hat hackers
Sharp mind is the basic requirement to learn hacking.Hacking is also used for security purpose.

Hacking websites

Hacking websites

5 websites from where you can easily learn ethical hacking.
1 Hacking Tutorials
It is a daily updated website.On this website you can find different articles on etihcal hacking.It provides tutorials on how to hack network,softwares,database,websites etc.
2 EvilZone Hacking Forum
It is a community forum for hacking.There are more than 17000 members and 80000 posts.Programing related questions and network security problems are solved by this forum.
3 Hacking Loops
It is a website to solve difficult issues related to hacking.Here you will find articles like how to top Trojan attacks or viruses and techniques to hack various types of users account.
4 Hack a Day
A website to find tips and tricks for hacking.It also provides Online guidance to learn hacking for interested users.
5 Code Academy
Website to enhace the hacking skills with the help of many tutorials realted to various topics.
1 Identify :
The target websites are identified which they want to attack upon.Vulnerability level of website is examined they wish to attack to prepare tools and techniques to bring down the website.Hackers have a ready-to -refer index of Dorks which points out the websites having a particular vulnerability.
2 Spotting the vulnerabilities
The hackers have in depth knowledge of the software used for hacking.They use the cracked version freely amongst the hacker community which can be the trail version.                            3 The attack on the website-SQL injection                                                                             SQL injection is the easiest and most used way to hack into the website.It is used to hack the database to steal information of the users account.Database programing language plays the key role.                                                                                                                          

 4 The DDoS                                                                                                                                        DDoS allows the use of freely available tools for hacking rather than specified tools used in SQL injections.It is simple than SQL methods but gives stress testing to the programmers.


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Email hacking

Ethical Hacking Certification Via Distance Learning by Indian Cyber Army

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